It was a cold rainy night at my household. My brother was having some drinks with his friends and I had just invited some of mine to come over. My mom wasn’t home. Another night. Another party for her. I had everything planned out. We would play seven minutes in heaven and I would most definitely make out with as many guys as I could.

Three girl friends and two guy friends came over. They all brought some snacks and we headed to my room. We want it to get a bit cozy. I had not told them what I want it to play. I turned on my speakers and started playing some music. We were all just talking when I suggested the game. Obviously they agreed. I was even more excited when I knew there was an uneven number of girls and guys.

We set up on the floor and selected who would be paired up with who. I ended up being paired up with Alex. Don’t be fooled by the name. Alex was a beautiful blonde. She was the average American teenager and just what I want it to taste. We ended up going second and I could tell she was nervous. I held her hand as we both walked to the closet.

As we sat there and waited for the knock that would indicate the time starting, she squeezed my hand hard. As soon as we heard the knock she looked at my and we started making out. She was so good at making out! Before I knew it I had my hands down inside her jeans. I was caressing her pussy. She was moaning. I could feel her wetness on my fingertips. I knew I want it to taste her. I slipped my middle finger and I could tell she loved it because her moaning started to get louder and louder. Her pussy was so tight and het wetness started to drip on to her panties. I took my finger our and licked all her wetness off of it. The time was up!

We walked out of the closet trying to pretend nothing more than kissing had happened. She tasted amazing, and even if we never talked about it I know she loved it!



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