Jenny and I love hanging out together. She is so much fun and a big help at school work. College is overwhelming when you’re a Naive Mormon Girl. It is getting better too, with a serendipitous best friend’s interaction with Jenny’s dad. I adore him and think he is super sexy. Since coming to college, so many things are opening up for me. The naive girl I came as is becoming quite the freaky girl in the sheets. I even have a daddy dom. That’s right, I am his little submissive slut. Furthermore, I can’t get enough of his punishing me when I am a bad girl. Daddy knows how to spank me just right.

So the serendipitous best friend’s dad interaction is a nice addition to my new life.

Of course, Daddy Dom will be mad and make sure I am hurt for being a naughty little slut and I love that. And, Jim, Jenny’s dad is worth getting in trouble for. Oh, my, gosh, he is fine.

He is always flirting with me. Additionally, he is full of questions about my upbringing. This man listens to me when I am talking and sharing my stories. Of course, I listen to him too. There is a strong connection between us. Therefore, our serendipitous best friend’s dad interaction seems like the next step. Additionally, for me, having sex with a dad is adding more kink to my world.

I am loving the freaky coed lifestyle!

Whether I am having naughty dungeon fun with Daddy, fooling around with sexy college roomie, or any of the other hot things I am experimenting with. Life as a barely legal slut is AMAZING! Additionally, the naive girl is slipping away every day. She is still my sweet past but now, I have a kinky future ahead of me, including our serendipitous best friend’s dad interaction.

Of course, my lucky callers are getting all the benefits too. All the fun I am having is transferring to my Taboo Phone Sex sessions. I am even better for my guys now.

I am staying at Jenny’s tonight. She went to bed early…

I have the munchies. Slipping downstairs to the kitchen, I run into her dad, Jim. He is only wearing his boxers. Wow, he is built from head to toe.

Of course, I am only wearing a little t-shirt and panties. As I am looking him up and down, my nipples are getting hard. It would seem our serendipitous best friend’s dad interaction is here. He is checking me out as well. And, I can see a rise happening in those boxers. What a nice size cock at half-mast! Our eyes meet and I step into his body.

Our lips touch…

and his hands start roaming my body as our serendipitous best friend’s dad interaction starts. Obviously, the munchies have left my mind as he is guiding me to his bedroom. He is an incredible kisser. My t-shirt goes flying across the room. Soon, he is between my legs pulling off my panties. This feels so naughty and so right. His tongue is working its way around my tight teen pussy as I moan out loud. And, this is just the start of our first night of passion.

It gets so much wilder. To hear the details all you have to do is call me!