I was raised in a Mormon family. So, I left the nest a naive Mormon girl with little to no sexual knowledge. My parents were beyond strict with me and all my siblings. They kept us in the dark on all worldly things.

They are fantastic people and love us very much. However, they have strong values that are completely different than mine. I have known for a long time I wasn’t choosing the Mormon life for myself.

First, and most importantly, I have certain feelings that don’t go away. And, our religion doesn’t like those feelings or the way I wish to satiate them. Also, they want us married and pregnant pretty early in life. Nope!

This naive Mormon girl knows she is meant to do more!

One thing I am taking with me is being submissive to the men in my life. That is part of the Mormon lifestyle with the man of the house being in charge. For me, it can be a man or a woman. I am the submissive.

It suits me and gets my tight teen pussy nice and wet. I love my Submissive Blonde Taboo Adventure takes me to naughty places. And, those places come with some form of punishment.

I tend to act up just so I am getting that punishment from my dominant other. Of course, the fact that I am a sexy barely legal coed adds to their fun. My current dom is more than happy to spank this ass. Hard to believe I used to be that naive Mormon girl.

He even has a dungeon made up for our playtime.

My parents would have heart attacks if they saw us in that dungeon. They always try to get me to come home and back to their way of life. I love them dearly but I am not cut out for the Mormon way.

Those people are all great people, it just isn’t my way. Additionally, everyone has to follow their own path and mine is completely separate from that strict religious life. Furthermore, I love attending college and having naughty fun!

I am just getting started too! As I am discovering my true self and how much I love being submissive, the world is opening up for me. Now that I am doing Teen Phone Sex, I am getting so many fun callers. So long naive Mormon girl.

With no limits, I take all kinds of fetish calls too!

It is a fantastic gig and is helping me even more. I am finding and learning all about more fetishes. Of course, it is amazing! And, on top of that, with my dom, we are trying new punishments as well.

He is learning to be more strict, which I love. He is more of a loving sub, but he is transitioning to being more intense with me. Sometimes, I like him cuddling me after. He is much older and feels good.

Are you into punishing hot barely legal teen girls? Call me and let’s get naughty together! I would love to share some of my stories with you!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke