Sensual Soul Guzzler – Cum to Me!

A Sensual Soul Guzzler cums in all shapes and sizes. Because after all… what’s really important is the THIRST! Right? Haha. Amtrak offers train service between San Diego and San Louis Obispo on its Pacific Surfliner route. The nearest train stations to Malibu are Camarillo, to the north, or downtown Los Angeles, to the South. A benefit of boarding early is, you have more choices as to where to sit. (IMHO, the upstairs west-facing seats are the best view. It’s what I call a Peter’s Delight seat. However, I digress. 

At least, I’m a sensual soul guzzler! My purpose on this trip is to make a collection. A soul. But, not just any soul. Oh, no. This one is the sleaziest soul of them all. I mean satan might get a run for his money against this dude! He’s a lucky fucker that I was assigned to him.

It’s all in the Finesse of the Taking!

Subject 1 is a New York city type and he’s a Boss. A real take-charge kind of man. Street smarts and plenty of downtown swag. What puts him in line for the sensual soul guzzler? It’s his way of treating women in general. So, I put a spin on this one. It seems more than a little bit of payback is in store before I take his soul. But, don’t you worry. He’s gonna love every fucking minute of me! Keep up now!

Okay, I’ll admit my heart (yes, that cold fuck the world… literally spot behind my luscious tits) skipped a beat or two when I feasted my eyes on that hubba-hubba hunk when I saw him coming out of the boardroom. Good thing my sexy long legs were already crossed! I might have sprung a small leak! And he saw me too! He had no idea what a sensual soul guzzler even was…

Oh, My… He Thinks He’s Gonna Take ME! Hahaha.

However, I can smell cocky all over him, and it really did take away from his brutish good looks. Shame. It’ll make swallowing his very being, his essence will be a highlight of my sensual soul guzzler life! He made his way over to me and the next thing we knew we were ON that conference room table! His dick was notable, but it didn’t CUMpare to what my body put on him.

It may have been enough if I just sucked that fat dick, but I didn’t stop there. Of course, I let him fuck my pussy. Though, the coup de grâce came when he shoved that fat dick up my tight little pucker and had to cup his hand over my mouth. Business was still ongoing, you see. Especially for the sensual soul guzzler.

Let’s Hear it for the Sensual Soul Guzzler!

So, I give my ALL in service to getting the souls ready. My job is not to judge but to eXXXecute! Heehee. I don’t determine where the gatherings go. Just to let them know their stint here on Earth is, as they say, over! Why not make it a great farewell party? Shove that fat dick down my throat, up my ass. Hell, since it’s the end, fuck my armpits if you so desire. Just think of all the dumb fucks who DON’T get a sensual soul guzzler. I actually PITY them!

But, for Mr. Moneybags, the time had cum to confess and repent for what he’d done over a lifetime of fucking young women like me. So, while I took him, he called them each by name. Praising their pussies, he had true remorse in his sobs for never telling them all how lovely they really were.

Then it Dawned on him Who I was.

Yes, Lover. I have cum to claim you. I am that thing going bump in the night. The moans under the bed… I am, your Sensual Soul Guzzler. Fear me if you’re looking for the best phone sex. Moreover,  I’m deliciously yummy! So, cum on. Let’s DO this! NOW! I will suck… your SOUL right from you. LOL.

Kiss, kiss.

Just Joey