Sensual Sex Fantasies Are My New Lover’s Specialty

Sensual sex fantasies are honestly my favorite. My new lover is a lover of tantric sex like me.    We met recently at a workshop and have been hot and heavy lovers since.  And, last weekend, he surprised me with a new erotic practice that I just have to share.

The Best Phone Sex is Closer than You Think

 I walked around my bedroom, lighting candles in preparation for my date with Rocco. I can already feel my nipples getting hard.  As I open the door for my hot date, I can’t help the rush of liquid that fills my pussy.  Rocco leans down to kiss me as he steps into my apartment.  I can already feel how hot this date is going to be.  Sensual sex fantasies like this one really keep me hot long after a date.

Rocco and I sit beside each other on the couch when he tells me he wants to show me a tantra ritual.  As I look up into his eyes, I can’t help eagerly agreeing to learn.  Rocco’s sexy whisper fills my hot cunt with even more juice, “So I’ve combined two very powerful aphrodisiacs into a tantric ritual that I call Chocolate Sex Kiss.”  He went on to explain as his hand slid up my inner thigh, “This will awaken all five senses and teaches us to savor all of life’s yummiest moments.  Food and Sex”.

Tantric Sex is the Gateway to Erotic Pleasure

As Rocco smiled up at me from between my quivering thighs, he began to KISS me in a new way.  He is a master at sensual sex fantasies.

K is for Kinetic: Tantra is about tapping into and embracing our inherent sexual energy.  Rocco’s began to tap lightly on my pussy lips.  As my moans filled the air, he slowly spread my lips wide.  And then he began to tap lightly on my clit.  His whisper felt divine against my wet cunt, “This is the source of your sexual energy.  As I tap on your clit it starts spreading that energy up your spine”.

I is for Intimacy:  Tantra principles create deeper intimacy and lead you to a true “heart connection” through mindful sex.  Rocco’s body slid up mine as he continued to tap lightly on my clit.  Before I knew how it happened, his hard cock replaced his fingers.  He began tapping with his cock.  When I felt his cock tip against my clit my entire body began to shake.  Sensual sex fantasies are my newest fetish.

Are You Ready for Your KISS?

S is for Slowing Down when you’re with a partner.   As he smiled down at me, he began to roll his hips slowly against mine.  With his hands, he guided my hips to follow his slow movements.  By slowing down the foreplay and intercourse, you can be more present and pay more attention to the feelings and needs of both you and your partner.

S is for Sensuality:  Rocco whispered in my ear once more,  “I can feel your sensuality filling my cock with pleasure.  You are the star of all my sensual sex fantasies.

Rocco tapped his hard cock on the outside of my clit and pussy for well over 45 minutes.  During that time, I was brought to the edge of orgasm more times than I could count.  Every time I got close, he slowed down the tapping.  I could feel the pleasure of his tapping rolling up my spine.

Rocco continued to grind his hips against mine until both of us were dripping with sweat.    As we continued to grind and sweat, it was as though we were one body.  When the room was finally filled with the sounds of our mutual orgasm, it was true bliss. Sensual sex fantasies become a reality.

 All You Need to Get Off is to Become Public Sex Addicts Together

Feeling sensual before you get sexual will allow you to be more connected to your heart, body, and soul and help you feel more in tune with your own body and with your partner.  And then you can make sensual sex fantasies your norm.

It’s no coincidence that I’m relating sex and food here. These are both aspects of our life that we all need to thrive. But, so many people have issues with food and sex—addictive patterns or unhealthy behavior—that it can get tricky. Adding the element of mindfulness allows you to take a healthier approach to both.  Sensual sex fantasies can heal you in more ways than one.

Sensual Sex Fantasies are My Specialty