Public Sex Addict Tales from My Favorite Restaurant 

A public sex addict emerges from deep in my soul.  Getting ready for my date with my newest lover was exciting.  He had called earlier to ask where I’d like to go.  Of course, I didn’t hesitate to suggest my favorite Mexican restaurant.  As I sat rubbing lavender lotion on my newly showered body a naughty smile began. Little did my date know it but I was having a little fantasy.  A fantasy that included him and really hot public sex.  And even though he was new in my life we already at some very hot sex stories.  

Wearing a wispy dress with no bra or panties when I greeted Dan at the door was naughty.  Of course, I couldn’t help smiling at the look on his face when I greeted him at the door.   As I sat beside him in the car I shivered a little as he put his hand on my knee.  A rush of wetness filled my aching cunt.  My legs opened as his hand slid up my inner thigh.  Dan’s fingers slipped under my dress.  Gasping as he found out my no panty secret his fingers plunged into my slick pussy.  Moaning as he began circling my engorged clit my legs fell open even more.  And then we were pulling up in front of the restaurant.

Are You Ready?

Little did I know that I would become a public sex addict by the end of our meal.  Groaning as his fingers left my soaking wet flesh I turned my head as the door opened.  The valet smiled as we walked past him.  This was shaping up to be a very hot and steamy evening.  I loved how dominant Dan was with me.  Perhaps I could get him to show his dominant sex control side by the end of the evening.

Chanel know your deepest desires

Sitting in a corner booth I smiled behind my open menu.  Slipping my foot out of my sandal my foot slid up Dan’s leg to land on his growing cock. I began to slide my foot over his cock while enjoying the sound of his groans from across the table.   Just then the waiter came to get our order.  Stroking his cock as I gave my order I stared into Dan’s eyes and watched his breathing quicken even more.

By the time the food arrived, we were sharing the same side of the booth.  Stroking his cock as he finger fucked me I couldn’t stop the loud moan that fell from my mouth.  I couldn’t stop the groan that fell from my throat while I held his hard cock in my hand.  My breathing became chopping as his fingers circled my swollen clit.

Before I knew how it happened I was suddenly sitting on Dan’s lap.  With my dress covering our bodies his cock slid deep into my achingly wet cunt.  Riding his cock in a crowded restaurant was wildly erotic.  The three-man mariachi band accompanied our mutual screams of orgasmic explosion.  .  When we dove back in for seconds we became experts in public sex.

Chanel is Your Goddess of Sex