Dominant Sex-Signing a Contract Opens a New Door

Dominant Sex Control is truly an understatement.   My gaze darted frantically to the clock on the cable box. “Alex, no.” His head lifted, and he looked at me with stormy blue eyes. “It’s insane, I know. I don’t—I can’t explain it, Chanel, but I have to make you come. I’ve been thinking about it constantly for days now.” One of his hands pushed between my legs.

His other hand continued to plump my breasts, making them heavy and unbearably sensitive. “You’re wet for me,” he murmured, his gaze sliding down my body to where he was parting me with his fingers. “You’re beautiful here, too. Plush and pink. So soft. You didn’t wax today, did you?” I shook my head. “Thank God. I don’t think I would’ve made it ten minutes without touching you, let alone ten hours.” He slid one finger carefully into me.

Becoming a True Submissive Was Getting me Hot

My eyes closed against the unbearable vulnerability of being spread out naked and fingered by a man whose familiarity with the rules of Brazilian waxing betrayed an intimate knowledge of women. A man who was still fully clothed and kneeling on the floor beside me. “You’re so snug.” Alex pulled out and thrust gently back into me. My back bowed as I clenched eagerly around him. “And so greedy. How long has it been since the last time you were fucked?” I swallowed hard. “I’ve been busy. My thesis, job-hunting, moving…” “A while, then.” He pulled out and pushed back into me with two fingers. I couldn’t hold back a moan of delight. The man had talented hands, confident and skilled, and he took what he wanted with them. “Are you on birth control, Chanel?”

My mind started to wander to three days ago when I first met Alex at a local BDSM club.  I was sitting alone in a corner on a comfortable couch when he approached me.  We hit it off, and somehow I found myself making out with this stranger.  And then, to my further amazement, I somehow agreed to sign a Submissive/Dominant contract.  Dominant sex control scared me and excited me. Suddenly I was back in the room, and Alex was staring into my face expecting an answer to his question.

Dominant Sex Control is the Gateway To Nivana

“Yes.” My hands gripped the edges of the cushions. “Of course.” “I’ll prove I’m clean, and you’ll do the same, then you’re going to let me come in you.” “Jesus, Alex.” I was panting for him, my hips circling shamelessly onto his thrusting fingers. Of course, I felt like I’d spontaneously combust if he didn’t get me off.  I was near mindless with the need for an orgasm. If my roommate walked in right then and found me writhing in our living room while Alex finger-fucked me, I didn’t think I’d care. And then Gideon was breathing hard, too. When I’d done nothing more than responding helplessly to him, his hand at my breast moved to my cheek and brushed over it.

The Best Phone Sex is Just a Dial Away

“You’re blushing. Alex’s smile was wicked.  “I want to feel my cum in you when I fuck you with my fingers. I want you to feel me cum in you. Do you think about how I looked and the sounds I made when I pumped it into you? And while you’re thinking about that, you’re going to look forward to me doing it again and again.” My sex rippled around his stroking fingers, the rawness of his words pushing me to the brink of orgasm.  Dominant sex control was definitely Alex’s specialty.

Blackmail Sex Stories with a Twist

“I’m going to tell you all the ways I want you to please me, Chanel, and you’re going to do it all…take it all, and we’re going to have explosive, primal, no-holds-barred sex. You know that, don’t you? You can feel how it’ll be between us.”

Alex smiled down into my eyes when he saw that my words were turning me on.  I found myself shivering with arousal when he leaned down and whispered, “Turn over and put that ass up in the air.”  My pussy was throbbing as I followed Alex’s instructions.  And then a scream fell from my lips as I felt his cock pumping into my ass.  Alex was right; I was willing to do anything he asked.  I can hardly wait for more.

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