Sensual seduction is about the only way I would get his attention. I worked for Jim for years and always admired him. He was tall, smart, and sexy as fuck. Once I heard he was leaving his wife I hopped on the opportunity to get into his pants.

That night I laid out the sexy outfit that I knew would get his attention. Funnily enough, Jim called me that night and requested I come over to his house to pick up a few files. He wasn’t going into the office the next day on the account of his pending divorce.

This was perfect! I danced around the room excited. The next morning I put on my black lacy lingerie, then slipped into a sexy dress. Jim had no idea what was coming!

Pulling into his driveway I thought about how I would get into his pants the easiest. Sensual seduction seemed the best route. He didn’t strike me as a guy who liked a rough female. Standing in front of his door I calmed myself and knocked.

Jim answered the door when he looked at me his eyes bulged. I smiled a sexy smile at him and brushed past him. My huge tits pressed against his forearm. I put all the paperwork he requested on the table. When I turned around I saw him standing there slack-jawed and sporting a huge boner.

Fuck the sensual seduction shit! I walked over to him and laid a huge passionate kiss on him. Jim’s hands cupped my ass tighter to him. I felt his cock press into me.

Before I knew it my clothing was off and his face was between my legs.

I stood there in from of Jim and just ground my pussy onto his face and chin. Every lick brought me closer to the edge. My body tingled and tighten just before I came. As soon as I came he pushed me down to my knees and held my chin. His cock plunged into my wet mouth. His cock tasted so delicious I couldn’t get enough of him.

Wiggling my tongue I sought out more precum. Ripping me up in harsh haste, he turned me about and fucked me from behind. I must have moaned and cried out loud enough for the neighbors to hear. No caring I kept on going, forcing my pussy back hard to match his rhythm.

He asked if I was on the pill. To his relief I was. His cum flooded me pussy to the hilt. With a final moan, I collapsed onto the sofa.

Nothing beats a sensual seduction plan like a guy who already wants to fuck!

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