The sun peeked through the curtains into my cage, causing me to stir. The smell of coffee and fresh food made me smile. I stretched out my back and legs, opening the door to my cage. Then, I crawled out and over to my bowl and cup. I sat down next to it on the floor and picked up my coffee, giving it a nice long smell and letting out a happy sigh. I took a sip and heard the door creak open.

Soon, Master and Mistress walked through the door with items behind their back. “Good morning, Master’s sex slave; you’ve been such a good girl here lately; we decided to give you a treat,” Master said as he walked over to me and patted me on the head. Mistress walks over too, “I had an idea to give you a sensual pet play scene all day today. Now, Princess, you are going to be pampered, so long as you be a good kitten for us”. Next, she shows me what she has behind her back.

A beautiful set of ears and paw pads for my hands and knees!

I crawl over to her with excitement and sit back on my knees, hands in my lap, waiting patiently. “Thank you, Mistress!” She smiles at me before putting the ears on my head. They match so well with my dark brown hair. Then, I slide the pads on my hands and knees; I’m looking more and more like a proper kitten. Mistress grabs my collar and locks it around my neck. “Princess, are you ready for your sensual pet play day?” Master asks me before running what feels like sharp claws down my back lightly, causing me to shiver.

Hell yes, I’m ready for my pampering Master!

He laughs a little and tells me to shut my eyes and bow down. I put my hands out in front of me, head on the floor, and ass up in the air. There is only one piece to my ensemble missing, and I think I know what’s coming next! Soon, I feel my Master’s fingers curl around my panties and pull them down to my knees. He slides his fingers between my cheeks, playing with my asshole. I moan out loudly and try to push my ass down on his fingers, to push them inside more.

“Would you take a look at this greedy slut, babygirl?” He says to my Mistress, pulling his fingers back so I can’t feel them in my ass. “If she wants it so bad in that ass of hers, go ahead and give it to her. The bitch doesn’t want to ask properly; show her what your fingers really feel like.” Mistress has a wicked smirk on her lips as I feel Master shove his middle finger in my ass hard and pound away. Then, he slides another finger inside my ass, really stretching it out.

I think I’m ready for my tail!

Soon after, having my ass fucked hard with his fingers, I feel him slide them out. Then I feel the cool metal and slickness of lube press up against me. He slides it into my ass, stretching it out further until the plug stays in place. I can feel the fur of my new tail tickle my legs, pussy, and ass. Now we can really get into our sensual pet play day. Mistress clips my leash onto my collar and brings me over to my bowl. “Eat your breakfast, kitten,” she orders as I look down into my bowl and see eggs and hashbrowns. I lick it up and eat it with just my mouth.

They get me cleaned up and lead me downstairs. The both of them sit on the couch and have me kneel between them. Miss pets on my hair, and Sir takes a feather and runs it over my collar bone and tits. Occasionally, sliding it over my hard nipples. My pussy is aching and soaking wet. They both lean down and whisper in my ear before grabbing a fistful of my hair. “You ready to be our sensual pet play slut?”

Give me a call for some sexy, pet play phone sex!

Mia Kinky Crew