What is it about stockings that will drive men crazy? I am not sure what it is, but I love using it in my sensual pantyhose domination. It is absolutely intoxicating walking in on them wearing my sexiest La Perla lingerie and Gucci stockings.

Most men are melting immediately. It is fun teasing them by letting them touch the stockings or lingerie. Of course, they can only touch it for a minute. They are here to worship me.

I am their fucking Goddess and they are lucky to be in the same room as me. Let alone the fact that I am letting them touch my designer lingerie and stockings. Little bitches better show this diva major love!

Of course, our evening of sensual pantyhose domination is just starting.

It is time for them to strip down to their birthday suit. Once they are completely naked, our fun is really starting. I am going to tease them by running a silk stocking all over their skin.

Then, I am going to tie their ball sack up with it. Of course, they are on their knees worshiping me. From there, I will sit in front of them and touch myself. Showing them what they can’t have.

These are my loser subs, they are not worthy of having me. All they are worthy of is being in a room with me and showing their allegiance to their goddess. And, taking my sensual pantyhose domination.

I will take off my top and rub my perfect breasts for them.

Just to be mean, I may rub a nipple on their lips. Additionally, to make sure they DO NOT touch me, I will tie their hands with another stocking. Furthermore, for some real fun, I love rubbing my nipples against their nipples.

That seems to really get the precum running out of those cocks. As Sensual Latina Domme, I have a ton of tools in my bag. My skills are outstanding and I use them all to work over my bitches.

For those quality subs, men worthy of my time, but still willing to worship me, the sensual pantyhose domination is different. For them, they are allowed to touch and explore their goddess as I do the same with them.

These men have big cocks for this size queen!

So, we play with my designer hose but do it more softly. I love rubbing the hose all over their bodies. While I am wearing them, of course. Then, tie my subs hands, gently, as I climb on his cock and ride him.

For my loser subs, I have lower-end stockings they must wear. Of course, they can’t wear my designer stuff. They are to put them on and show me how it pushes their tiny dicks to the side.

Then, I get to laugh and make fun of them little peckers. If I am feeling truly bitchy, I may have a stud around to pop a hole in those stockings and fuck them. Or, I may put on a strap-on and do it myself. Oh, how I love sensual pantyhose domination!

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke