“A sensual mistress definition?”, I hear you asking.

Well, let me explain my sensual mistress definition. For starters, there are lots of different kinds of dommes out there. Mistress Lorelei lists five archetypes in her Mistress Manual: the mommy Nursemaid, the stern Governess, the fighting Amazon, the all-powerful Queen, and the ever-loving Goddess. These aren’t the only ones, but ones commonly mentioned. When I talk about femdom in my strapon slave stories, I’m usually coming from the mind of a mistress- someone who loves controlling guys and making them do things around the clock. It’s not just a scene for me.

Mistresses are the females in female-led relationships or sex scenarios. We’re the ones in charge, doling out punishments, praises, and coming repeatedly. Only when our man/servant/slave has been good do we allow him to do what he craves. If he wants to climax, we grant him that. If he wants instead to be cuddled, we grant him that instead.

I’m not quite a wrestling Amazon or the punishment-heavy Governess. Those mistresses like pain and punishment. And hey, if that’s your thing, the more power to you. I’m much more a blend of nursemaid, queen, and goddess- if you’ve been bad, I’ll punish you, tease you, but I mostly want to praise you for pushing yourself past your limits.

Sensuality in Sex

What is a sensual mistress definition, then? Emphasis on the sensual. I’m going to praise and maybe tease a little (think a bratty domme), but my focus is on helping you make yourself feel good. I want to encourage you to push yourself past your limits. A sensual mistress isn’t going to tie you down and rip those limits from you.

There’s nothing wrong with being tied up and being whipped, having your balls in a stock and being made to run around the room on your hands and knees while being whipped. Or having your balls in a vise while I punish you for speaking back. That’s what some guys need. But others need something a little kinder. They want me to take charge, sit in their laps and rub their cock, and tease them while holding off their orgasm.

A Sensual Mistress Scene

So picture this: you’re sitting up naked in bed, and I’m in jeans and my bra slowly jacking you off while whispering in your ear. You’ve already given me seven orgasms with your mouth, and I’ve allowed you to take your cock ring off. Today, though, as much as it is about how many times I can come, is how long you can hold off on coming- we’re working on your personal best. My chest is cool pressed against your flushed one, and you can smell my soap from the shower I just had. You never thought you’d enjoy waiting to cum until I finished bathing.

“I need to come,” you beg me, hands behind your back (without handcuffs, what a best boy). Your breath is coming in puffs. Your cock is excruciatingly hard, isn’t it?

“But you’re already here,” I answer, knowing exactly what you mean by “come”. I’m playing dumb. One of my favorite things is to tease, and it staves off your orgasm for just a little longer. I’ll lean forward. “I know you can do it. I know you can. Just a few more minutes holding off, and then I’ll give you the best reward.”

We both know the best reward is coming inside me.


So, as to what my sensual mistress definition is? I hope I’ve given some insight into the question.


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