Sensual Lovemaking with Kylie.

Sensual lovemaking with Kylie. I was having my boyfriend over for a date night, I cooked him an amazing dinner. I made chicken parmesan with a bottle of red wine. The room was filled with the sound of classical music humming in the background. After dinner, we drew a bath filling it with bubble bath lighting candles to set the mood. We were in the bathroom kissing slowly sliding each other’s clothes off so sensual. I could feel his hands all over my body and cup my neck as he kissed me with passion and fire like I was air and he was clinging to me as if I were life itself. He slowly began to massage and touch my entire body!

Taking my hand he helped me keep my balance as I got in the tub he never took his hands or his eyes off of me. Slowly sliding into the warm bubble bath watching the bubbles go up to my perky breasts. He put his feet in the tub and slowly lowered himself down till he was behind me cradling me. His hands cupped my tits squeezing and rubbing my nipples. My head fell back onto his shoulder I closed my eyes and absorbed the pleasure of his sensual touch. His hands slid all over my body down my stomach to my thighs, the feeling of him touching me made me quiver.

Sensual Lovemaking with Kylie.

Slowly his hand rubbed up to my thigh to my pelvic bone till he finally brushed his fingers across my clit. I was so turned on by how romantic the whole situation was. My body began to shake with need, my pussy was pulsating I could tell I would be soaking wet if I wasn’t in the warm water. He slid a finger inside me, his palm still rubbing against my clit. I came screaming gripping the edge needing something to dig my nails into.

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