Date Night!

Date night on Valentines day. This will be my boyfriends and my first Valentines day together what a glorious and sensual time it will be. We will start out dinner at an upscale restaurant where we will sit across from each other and share a bottle of wine while we enjoy our meal.  So wrapped up in one another its as if we are there alone and everyone and everything falls into the background.

After dinner, we will go play mini golf where I will lose terribly but look great doing it. Watching him concentrate while he tries to get his ball in the hole. The look on his face brings me such joy, I love how competitive he is. As we walk around to each hole he will hold me close with his hand around my waist so that everyone around knows that I belong to him and he belongs to me.

Date Night!

After our date at the mini golf place, we will most likely ride around on go-karts trying to beat each other around the race track. We always have so much fun when we are together like we’re kids again. Once we’re done trying to be the best at every game they had at the place we will take a long scenic drive as he takes me home like a perfect gentleman. We arrive at my house and I invite him in and of course.

He says yes because we just had an amazing date and doesn’t want it to end. We get inside and I will offer him a drink. As I hand him his drink I will inform him I have to run upstairs real quick and ill be right back. Coming down the stairs I will be dressed in sexy silky lingerie I will walk right up to him and start kissing him touching his body loving on him till I can see his cock hard and pressed against his pants. I think I know the perfect way to end our date night!

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