Sensual Girlfriend Experience – Lie With Me & Let Me Alleviate Loneliness

Sensual girlfriend experience is exactly what you think. I want to make you forget your loneliness during this craziness in the world with social distancing and quarantining. So, tell me, are you lonesome? Let me show you how I will help.

You’re alone, either with a family or not. And you need to let some steam out and need to maybe get off. But, you aren’t sure what to do! Your wife or girlfriend just isn’t being any help.

Well, I am online just about 7 days a week during this quarantine. And you can even catch me online at night sometimes if I haven’t fallen asleep early. I’m open to a lovely conversation and even some naughty touching. All you need to do is call me.

I answer with a sweet voice and will happily take your call. Before you call me back I will snuggle down into my bed and get ready for you. Hell, I might even get naked before you call back. It’s all that YOU want, baby.

You ring me back and I smile and say hello. You’re immediately taken to a place of bliss and happiness because of how warm and inviting I am. So, we talk about you and you want to know more about me. I tell you everything about me and you are intrigued.

“Bailey, you seem like such a great person. I feel so comfortable.”

I giggle and tell you that it’s good that you are feeling that way and I hope that you will want to tell me more about your life and what you enjoy. So, we talk for a long time about your hobbies, your family life, your work, even your childhood. And I tell you about me! Which, you are honestly surprised about because not many PSO’s will tell you their life.

We share laughs over funny things, talk about our favorite animals, favorite movies and TV shows, and our types of men and women. You can’t believe how open I am with you and you can’t help but enjoy my company. Which is great! Because then we both don’t have to be too alone during this time.

Maybe even my cat will join in on the call and talk to you a bit. She’s very vocal and loves to talk. Haha! Anyway, you grow to like me in our time on the phone and are at ease even with the world seemingly falling apart.

We talk about ways to make things better and vow to make things a lot better with what we do. And I giggle at your funny jokes and possibly belly laugh because you make me feel silly at times. And then we start talking about the naughty side of things. We get real comfortable about it real quick.

I tell you that I’m wearing just a t-shirt and thong.

You tell me what you’re wearing and I tell you how sexy that is. We start to talk about what would happen if we were right next to each other on my bed. And how you would kiss me deeply and pull off my shirt.

I moan as you slip it off over my head and I grab your strong arms and bring you in for a deep kiss. You climb on top of me and grind your crotch up against my panties and I can feel how hard you are growing. I smile and start to pull my panties off and you finish pulling them off for me.

Our breaths grow louder and there are a lot more little moans from both of us. I help you take off your pants and you suck on my nipples, making them very hard. I open my legs more and let you enter my wet little slit. And you start to slowly thrust in and out of me.

Before too long we both orgasm at the same time and you say “Wow, I really needed that. Thank you.” And I agree, I needed that as well! We talk about how we should talk again very soon.

And you tell me that you will call as soon as you can. We say our goodbyes and you can’t help but think about me for the next couple of days. You think about calling the next time and then you read my Iron Man Buttplug blog and become more drawn in. So, you call me.

Call me and get the best talk to me phone sex experience of your life.