Iron Man Buttplug Is That Special Toy For Only The Nerdiest Freaks

Iron Man Buttplug. Yes, that is right! I have one, myself. And I absolutely LOVE it.

So, Iron Man had always been one of my favorite Avengers. Captain America being number one. And there is just something so sexy about that cocky bastard. And just thinking about all that cold, hard metal again my body… mmm!

Well, about 6 months ago I started talking to the professional wrestler guy from Vegas. And he loves Iron Man, like more than I do. And I think that’s just awesome. It’s such a turn on when I meet a guy with a love for nerdy shit like superheroes and all that.

One night we were chatting through text messages and we started talking about what if they made Avenger themed sex toys. So, I decide to google Avenger themed sex toys and stumble upon an awesome site dedicated to the sexy needs of nerds. And lo and behold, I found something incredible. And it is called the Arse Reactor.

It’s red and has a little gold detail with a glowing base that looks identical to the Arc Reactor from Iron Man. And I am completely blown away at how beautiful it really is! So sleek, shiny, sexy, and nerdy. And I decided to quickly jump on it and buy it.

Within 2 weeks it was on my front porch.

I am super excited about it and rip open the package. And there it is in my hand. The Iron Man Buttplug, the Arse Reactor. It’s absolutely stunning in person!

I quickly text my wrestler friend and tell him that I have a surprise for him when he visits next. He tried to coax it out of me but I didn’t say a word about what it could be. But, I was ready to show it to him as soon as possible and luckily, he was coming to town that weekend. I didn’t try out the Iron Man buttplug at all because I wanted to be surprised by how it felt.

The weekend came and I couldn’t contain myself! I get all dressed up and ready to fuck. Later that night he there he stands at my front door, as ready as I am to fuck hard. Mmm, he’s looking like a fucking snack, for real.

I bring him in and take him to my bedroom. And there I took out the little black canvas pouch to show him the surprise. I slip it out of the bag and held it up for him to see. He says “Holy shit is that… the Iron Man buttplug from that website?!”

I smile and nod and he grabs me and kisses me, sticking his tongue down my throat. And then I just knew I was instantly wet for him. He pushes me down onto the bed and pulls my panties off. He slaps my ass and takes the buttplug from me.

I stick my ass up in the air for him and he starts licking my ass. Mmm, the feeling of his hot tongue on my tight little asshole was enough to get me off but he pulls away and starts sliding the plug into my ass. I moan as the plug enters my asshole and then he pulls me up and starts pulling down his shorts. Then I feel the head of his raging hard cock against my pussy.

He pushes his way into my little cunt.

And I moan really loudly, feeling every inch of his manhood slide into me. Then I feel him stop moving for a moment and feel something war against my ass. He was literally holding his phone flashlight against the buttplug for the base to glow. I started laughing and so did he but then he threw down his phone and started plowing me.

We fuck all night long. Over and over and over! He seriously loves how much of a nerd I am and I love that he loved the little gift I got for him. He left the next morning and later texted me “I can’t wait to play with the Iron Man Buttplug again next time. I love it 3000.”

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