Captain America: I Got To Have Some of America’s Ass (In my dreams)

Captain America is definitely one of my favorite Avengers. He makes me feel tingly in my princess parts. And with that booty, oh man, I would eat that booty all night! So, let me tell you about this crazy dream I had about him.

It was a normal night but I decided to sleep in the opposite direction on my bed… because I seem to have crazy vivid dreams when I do. And I felt like dreaming. Then I check my phone and see the time was 11:11 PM and I passed out.

I wake up in the dream and get dressed as soon as possible because I have an appointment to make. And I know I am dreaming because my hair and makeup are already done. So, I hurry out the door and get in my car. I book it to my appointment and then something crazy happens as I am walking to the building.

Just some random dude runs up to me and starts harassing me and tries to steal my purse! Then out of nowhere comes a fist to his face and BOOM! He’s on the ground. I look up and there in front of me is Captain America in all his glory.

He asks “Are you okay, miss?”

I smile and bat my lashes and say “Yeah. I’m fine… and so are you.” He smiles back and I say fuck this appointment and the guy who tried to steal my purse runs away. I then ask Captain America if he wants to come to my house for some cookies and coffee.

He agrees to come with me and we get into my car and drive to my place. I serve him cookies and coffee, as promised and we sit down and talk. I cannot or the life of me remember what was said but there is a lot of laughter. Soon enough I am flirting with him and putting my hand on his knee.

Captain looks at me and then picks me up and asks where the bedroom is. I tell him and he takes me there. He sets me down on my bed and then starts to kiss me. And I start helping him out of his suit.

Before too long Captain America is on top of me completely naked. And I let him take off my clothes as well. He starts to kiss down my body, slowly sucking on my nipples and squeezing my ass gently. I moan and say “Oh, fuck.”

Captain looks up at me and says “Hey, language.” And it makes me giggle and I say sorry. He then takes off my panties and lays on top of me, kissing my lips so gently and passionately. He starts to press his hard cock against my princess bits and slowly pushes it inside of me.

I moan and grab onto his thick, strong arms.

He thrusts in and out of me and I just can’t help but love every single moment. His member fills me up and makes me feel so good. I can feel him getting harder inside of me and he feels my walls tightening as I am about to cum. He starts to go faster and harder, looking into my eyes.

I feel myself start to explode like a firework on July Fourth and I just moan and cum for him. He kisses me and says “Good girl.” Then he has me get on top and I start to ride him as passionately as he was thrusting into me. I can tell he’s enjoying it because of the look on his face.

Then I surprise him by jumping off and pushing his legs back and stroke him a bit. And then I start to lick America’s ass as I stroke him off. He is VERY surprised by it but is very happy about it. I keep going and then soon he says “Oh, gosh. I’m going to…”

And I jump back up on top of him and start to ride his thighs again. He grabs onto me and then lets a big load shot inside of me. And then I wake up. Pussy wet and needing to be touched.

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