Erotic literature to make your toes curl!

Erotic Literature belongs in the real world. Treating each other with the tenderness and intimacy that is found in such stories every once in a while should be required. Everyone deserves the sweet respite of a gentle finger traced around their earlobe as they stare into their lover’s eyes or to slowly be unwrapped like a Christmas present.

The last time I experienced it was over a year ago. There was such a longing in my heart that I needed to make it manifest. Without saying a word, he had my body on fire. I wanted to soothe every ache he had, both physical and emotional, and wrap him in the safety of my harbor.

   I ran my hand across his jaw and watched as the blackness of his pupil ate his bright blue irises, like an animal on the prowl. He was holding onto his composure as best he could, letting me have my way as he stood motionless except for a slight tremor.

    I slid my hand up to his ear and was gifted with the most tantric expression! God, knowing how much joy I was bringing him made me feel amazing. I continued the movement of my hand over his neck and down his bare chest, feeling every inch of his body as I went. There was never an experience quite as intoxicating as standing with him, both of us naked, and looking into each other’s eyes…like straight out of some erotic literature.

It was such a light, innocent touch, but there was something so charged between us.

A spiritual desire to not just consume each other, but to join together intimately. I could barely contain myself but vowed to try, lest I rush what could be the most erotic experience in my life.

 Finally, he raised his hands to my body, running them up my sides to rest on either side of my soft breasts. It was almost my undoing, but his eyes told me it was his turn…

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