A night of sensual domination is all he needed.

Sensual domination is fun to play with and definitely one of my favorite things to employ. It’s something I learned to play with rather young, even when I was a little flirt going on my phone to be an online sex slave. Sometimes I’d even go online to TAKE one instead! I was wild and horny and insatiable. So, of course, I found all kinds of ways to let my kinky side out whenever I got horny. Let’s face it; I’ve always been a little bit of a slut. I’ve always craved fetish phone sex, even when I was starting to open my eyes to the world of kinks and fetishes.

But lately, I’ve been revisiting my roots with a little sensual domination play. I met a new guy who loves to be dominated, but he craves it slow and sensual. And of course, I’m happy to oblige. Let me tell you a little about the last time we played together, and you can daydream about me doing it to you. To start things off, it was a wild Friday night. We went out to visit a bar and got a little buzz, drinking with our friends like any other weekend. I loved the attention Jason gave me. So I kept showing my ass off for him, teasing every chance I got.

Soon, it was time to go home.

And I wasn’t going to waste all those hours of teasing and sensual domination. So, I started kissing his neck and whispering in his ear. Soon enough, he came home with me. That’s where the fun really started. On the car ride home, I was an absolute terror. I leaned back, adjusting my bra, knowing full well he could see my tits bounce a little as I did so. He tried to be polite and not stare. So, I kicked it up a notch and leaned closer, setting my hand on his thigh to tease him. I played with his belt, gently stroking his cock but keeping him from getting too horny and hard for me. It was torture, and he only craved it more.

Once we finally got to his place, he practically flew to the bedroom with me in tow. But once we were there, we were on my playing field. He grew horny and insatiable, and I pushed him back onto the bed. As I kissed him, I pushed his hands up over his head. All the while, I straddled him. He grew too horny to even think of what I was doing. Before he knew it, his hands were tied securely to the bedposts, and his cock stood horny and ready for me, craving me. But I wasn’t about to let all this sensual domination go to waste. I drew closer and teased him further, making him wait for me as I trailed my kisses down his chest. As my lips reached his waistband, he quivered, impatient and yearning for it.

So I started slow.

First, I tugged on his pants and his boxers, letting him squirm as he watched me. He begged for me to go down on him, but I made him wait for it. The second my lips touched his cock, he moaned, and I rewarded him by sucking gently on the tip. As my lips and my tongue trailed down, he fought against the restraints, too horny for his own good. Sensual domination always turned him on too much. I sat up, slowly teasing him as I put on a show and stripped my little black top off. Soon, the skirt fell off, too, as did my little lace panties. I stood bare in front of him, in nothing but a pair of thigh highs and heels. The visual alone was a torment to his mind as I descended back onto him.

And you know I didn’t let him slide into me just yet. I love to play with sensual domination. And I certainly wasn’t going to allow him to fuck me yet. So, I slipped his cock just between my lips. However, I didn’t let it slide inside, grinding and rocking against him until he was dripping wet from the both of us. He whispered so sweetly as he begged me to fuck him, but I was going to make him wait. I edged him like that, grinding on his lap. Soon, I even spun around on his lap so he could indulge in the visual of my bouncy Latina ass grinding against him. But at least an hour passed before I finally fucked him…

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