How I became an online sex slave.

Online sex slave fun – how do I even start this story? It’s a wild one to tell. Now, I have always been a little slut. That much is true. I’ve loved a fair bit of mischief ever since I was very young. Hell, back in school, my pack of naughty hot girls and I would terrorize all the boys with our endless flirting and teasing. Seriously, have you ever seen the movie ‘John Tucker Must Die’? Those girls were the alpha females of the school and knew just what to do to make the captain of the basketball team fall head over heels for the pretty little blonde. That was my group of girls, and we were always getting in trouble. Sometimes we’d even play around in class, sexting and gaining a new slutty reputation as the phone sex girls.

Everyone knew we were trouble – and they had a right to think so. But my adventures continued way after I graduated. See, I’d always been the type to look up sex slave games, truth or dare sites, and the like. I found a specific site that was filled with loads of kinky, horny people. It was easy to set up my profile and type all my little kinks out. As I explored, the messages rolled in, and of course, I shared them with my friends. After a while, though, I decided to keep it all my little secret. I made it seem like I quit the site and got bored with it, but the truth was far kinkier.

It turned me on like crazy.

And the kind of ‘turned on’ that you get when you’re young. Now, I know what it feels like. But before, it was a wave of emotion, a rush of excitement, curiosity. The feeling was intoxicating. I messaged all these older guys, and it turned me on to read the things they’d say to me. They wanted to make me their sex slave, their little slut, and a million other things. I took every opportunity to show off my lithe, young, supple body. I made them belong to me with every single picture. Through it all, they thought they were the ones in control. I was an online sex slave, and still, the one seducing all of these guys by acting like a little slut.

After a while, I picked one master and stuck with him. I would sext this guy literally all of the time, even in my college classes. I sent him picture after picture, doing anything he asked of me. Sometimes I’d record it to look like a lapdance. Other times, I’d just be shaking my ass for him. I fucked my pussy with all kinds of dildos, even ones that were too big for me. He loved to have me struggle to take something. His cock was about ten inches, and he loved to show it off in pictures so that I could see why he wanted me fucking such big toys. I knew he’d have me squirting all over him if he fucked me.

I was his online sex slave.

He even had me recruit my friend Lizzie to join our fun. Lizzie was bi. I had already played with her. As a result, it wasn’t hard to get her to participate and show off with me. She’d play with my tits and pinch my nipples in pictures for him. Sometimes we’d sneak off to the bathrooms during our lunch break so we could make out with each other. I made her squirt on camera for him a few times, so that he could see the glistening pussy juices over my face and all over my tits. After a bit, I rubbed the juices onto my tits so that she could lick it off of me in pictures. He asked, and I obeyed. I was his little online sex slave, doing everything to turn him on. Similarly, Lizzie was playing along with us and being his slave now too.

Above all, he treated me as his favorite and knew just what to ask of me to turn me on. It was incredibly exciting to have a sexting fuckbuddy. I could do it anywhere, anytime. I could send pictures and tell him I wanted him to tear me up, to rape me like his little whore. However, the more this went along, the kinkier that our ideas became. He intoxicated me, had me lost in bliss. He had a little college slut to call his own, and I had a master to ravage me any time I craved it. Honestly, cock was always ready for me. And I was still prepared to be his little whore.

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