A pair of naughty hot girls get in trouble.

Naughty hot girls are always up to something mischievous. At least, my friends and I were always up to something. Seriously! We were little devils. I was very mischievous, flirty, and slutty when I was younger. In fact, it all started way before college, but that’s another story to tell… and one I’ve said many times before! I was just a young girl experimenting with all kinds of things that I shouldn’t have been exposed to. However, who was really going to stop me? I kept my secrets very well, so nobody knew that I was such a naughty little slut. At least, I got away with it for quite a while, and became even hornier as a result!

By the time I got into college, I’d already been a little slut for a long while before it. Really! I’d send out dirty texts, sexts, and pictures all day long throughout my classes. It was so much fun that I made a little game out of sending stuff to distract my boyfriend. I didn’t stop when we broke up, either. After all, why would I stop if I knew he enjoyed all those pictures? The other difference was, I started sending them out to a new guy I’d caught a crush on as well. The shenanigans continued, and my best friend soon joined in on the fun.

She was another slut like me.

Really, we were a pair of naughty hot girls who had the world at our fingertips. Her name was Ashley, and we were my school’s little ‘slut squad.’ We affectionately named the group that, of course. We were flirty, and we’d both gone through the cheer squad at our previous school. Once we hit college, all bets were off. We’d sext all through class, keeping tabs on several friends with benefits, and even texting amongst ourselves about the cute guys in class. That’s when trouble hit. We were sitting in our new Literature class, which had just started for the semester. I sat beside Ashley for the beginning of the class. That’s when our professor walked in. We found him so attractive that we instantly started texting each other about it.

I wanted to fuck him, and so did she. We were horny as hell. How could you calm down a pair of naughty hot girls? You can’t. We sat there texting about how hot he was and all the things we’d do to him. Unfortunately, he decided to take a stroll through all the lines of desks at the right time. We completely lost track of time and the space around us as we gossip about him. I daydreamed, completely enthralled, and distracted in my sexting. I didn’t notice when he walked up between Ashley and me and eyed our phones. I’m sure he thought we were texting our friends. He intended to scold us. However, he stopped dead in his tracks when he read the screen.

He was speechless.

After all, we spent all this time sitting in his class, texting about all the horny, naughty, lusty things we wanted to do with him. He blushed, but we didn’t notice until he coughed and cleared his throat to announce his presence. He stood right there beside us. Once we realized it, we tried to hide our phones. No luck, the damage was done. He had a smirk on his face like he just couldn’t believe his luck. He shocked us, and we didn’t know what to do, so we suddenly turned shy. However, the look on his face came pulling the horny sluts out of us again. I gave him a little wink, telling him we could be texting him instead of each other if he wanted.  He gawked again, as if he didn’t think we’d be so up-front, but he couldn’t resist it.

The rest of the class was distracted. He stood right in the middle of it all, with two naughty hot girls sitting before him, offering to sext him. You can bet that his morals were not so squeaky-clean once we got a little closer. Ashley gave him the bedroom eyes while I handed him both of our phones. He made it appear as if he was confiscating them. However, he quickly added his number and gave them back to us. The rest was history. Two naughty hot girls had the English professor in the palm of their hands… I wasn’t going to let him go so quickly. I sent him a nude every single day of that class, and Ashley did too. God, he got the best phone sex girls sitting right there in the middle of his class. That’s one lucky professor, isn’t it?

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