Stories of a young girl experimenting.

A young girl experimenting with sex toys and older boys. The classic story, right? Everyone has a few ‘awakening’ stories that are fun to tell. Honestly, I was a little devil. Even when I was super young, I’d just run wild around the house without panties on, and a little baggy t-shirt on. It was innocent enough when I was super-young. Of course, I started wearing pants when I got older. However, the experimentation got more naughty! How much more naughty could it get? Well, the fun began when I was very young. I was a mischievous little girl who figured out that my bedroom television had access to the Playboy channels.

Now, any other day, I would just be using that television to watch Disney Channel or something similar. But I was bored and looking for something that wasn’t the typical kid movie. Now, I’m sure you might have gotten curious yourself and gone peeking through all the channels. The TV menu listed all the porn channels just after the movie channels. All of those were unlocked. So, of course, little naughty, I went wild and explored them all. The first thing I saw was a channel running amateur sex videos. It was the golden age of 2000s porn, right in front of you on TV before it all went online. I was enthralled.

It turned me on, too.

I didn’t know that’s what the feeling was. It was such a different feeling to me. I felt like I was breaking all the rules, doing something super naughty. After watching so much, I couldn’t help but repeat what they were doing. My pussy felt different, it felt like it was tingling, my clit was throbbing, and I didn’t even know why, but it felt heavenly. I slipped my little fingers in between my puffy pussy lips and started playing with it, and saw stars. It was terrific, and I didn’t know why. That started it all. I was insatiable. Honestly, I was just a curious young girl playing with everything I could find, using them as the women on the television.

I was a young girl experimenting with everything around me. Hell, I even used a little lipstick of mine! Out of curiosity, I picked up a little pink lip crayon. It was about four inches long and super thin. Somehow he was only an inch thick. My curiosity won. After all, it looked about the same shape as the dicks on the TV! I was sitting on the bathroom floor the first time I tried it. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. As soon as I locked eyes on it, I wanted to try fucking myself with it. So I did! However, it wouldn’t go in very far, and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know about my hymen at the time, so I thought I could only fit about two inches of my lip crayon.

I was such a naive, horny little girl!

It got me in plenty more trouble as  I got older, too. I was a young girl experimenting with every toy I could find, and everything that looked like a toy. I got caught for all the porn I had seen on my laptop and couldn’t get out of it. I was a daddy’s girl punished for all the dirty little videos I’d been watching, and all the viruses I got on the computer as well. But that didn’t stop me. I was such a little flirt as I grew up, I was always hitting on the guys next door, and the older guy who ran the corner shop down the street. No one could stop me. My daddy got a little mad at all my reckless flirting too, but what could he do about it?

He knew he couldn’t stop me; all he could do was punish me! Daddy spanked me over and over again. He realized it was hopeless, too. All he could do was enjoy his naughty little slut of a daughter. Sometimes I’d even invite my friends over, and we would go online to look up porn together. Other times, it turned into us using sites like Omegle and ChatRoulette to flirt with older guys and lie about our age. I guess I’ve always been a little ageplay phone sex tease, and I knew it before anyone else. He caught me playing with myself for someone on my laptop webcam once, too. Can you imagine how horny he got when he caught me?

daddy's girl