What’s your sensual domination fantasy?

I’d love to make your sensual domination fantasy cum true. I talk a big talk about being a big bad dominatrix. Don’t get me wrong, I am. But I can do sensual domination too. Maybe you don’t want to be taunted, teased? That’s okay. I can tease your cock just the same without being the evil humiliatrix I sometimes/often am.

I love it when clients feel free to give me feedback, telling me today they’d like “less humiliation, please.” Taking feedback and adjusting your behavior is an important part of any healthy relationship. Communication is key. And just because you want me to take control doesn’t mean I have to keep you locked up in a cage, the only one with THAT kind of key! I want our sessions to be mutually enjoyable. Desires shift and change over time. I am pretty much always most turned on by what turns you on, though.

Sensual domination could mean so many things.

It could mean me making you my “pillow queen” of sorts. Wouldn’t it be nice to lay back and just feel orgasm after orgasm? I want to give you that pleasure. Sensually dominating you might involve an element of control like turning you on and having sex somewhere we’re not supposed to. A hot, quick bathroom fuck always turns me on. Maybe coming into your office or vice versa. If it was somewhere you’d have to pass by every day it just might turn you on more. And then there’s every time you look at it after I ride you, hard, right there.

And as far as riding you? Old-fashioned cowgirl has always been my favorite position. But there are so many other ways I could fuck your hard cock, so cum-pletely under my control. What if I rode it with my mouth as I had you tied up to my four poster bed? You’ll love the subtle ways I own you, control your orgasm. Need sensual jerk off instructions from a lady who’s not afraid to take the reigns? I’m your girl.

In my real life, I’m not into doing brutal domination.

Sure, I went through a phase when I was new to the phone sex humiliatrix game where I dated someone whose (secret) kink happened to be getting verbally abused. That was fun while it lasted. And as I licked up his tears I edged him into, he told me “damn, that was inspired!” But in my real life I don’t even get into these “Dominant” and “Submissive” roles, per say. Or at least, “subscribe” to them. What gets me off IRL is a dynamic based in egalitarianism! Corny but true.

So it’s not a long stretch from my real life turn ons = hot phone sex with you. You want a woman who is powerful, assertive. Not a “bitch,” per say, but won’t shy away from taking control of you and your cock. I remember the first time I had an orgasm. It was while I was riding my teenage boyfriend’s cock. He liked girls who took control, now that I reflect back on it, but he never quite said that out loud.

It was in the backseat of his car on prom night. My grandma kind of “forced” us to go (we were both pretty “goth” and that wasn’t our scene), but we made the best of it. Made the best of it as in left early and fucked in his car in front of his parent’s house, of course.

Perhaps inaugural sex experiences like this are my “root” as far as enjoying sensual domination fantasy role play so much.

I remember the first time I sucked his cock, too. My mother had told me that nice girls didn’t suck cock. Not in so many words, but I knew what she meant. She made a side comment about it the day she taught me how to shave my legs with the electric and regular razor. “Might as well lick his ass while you’re down there,” she said.

Now that I’m grown up: yes, might as well! The harder you cum, the harder it makes me cum.

Are you looking for a sensual domination fantasy role play? I’d love to satisfy your craving.

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