Do you enjoy foot fetish sex? My feet need attention.

I love foot fetish sex. So do my toes. And the soft, sensitive pads of my feet. Receiving a massage, especially from a sexual partner, is one of my favorite ways to relax. And my feet really need a massage today, especially considering I went out dancing with my girlfriends again last night!

Right now, you’re heating the water for my footbath. We both love our relaxing ritual, foot spa foreplay game. You like to rinse my feet beforehand, too, making sure they’re clean before I dip them into the bubbly, Epsom-salty concoction you’ve prepared. Your cock twitches as you kneel in front of me in the bubbly water, your hands giving the bottoms of each foot a firm, slow rub. I don’t need marbles or rocks in the bottom of my footbath to massage me when I have you and your strong hands. I love the way you apply pressure, it feels like you’re opening me up.

Like with “regular” sex or touching my “ladyparts,” there’s a difference between fucking, touching, and me really feeling relaxed and letting you in. The feet are such a sensitive area. And mine are usually so ticklish if I’m not relaxed. Do you enjoy just a casual bit of shrimping? Or do you want to see my back arch while you massage out every kink as if I am having a foot-oral orgasm?

The way you slowly stroke up and down my foot is so erotic.

For me, more pressure is better. I love a good deep tissue massage. Of course, you’ll work your way up to the pressure I need slowly, edging my sore, sensitive muscles with your fingers. My toes taste better in your hungry mouth when they’ve been tenderly massaged, caressed. And you love to see the pleasure my “spa time” with you gives me as much as I love to see each toe slide between your lips.

You love to give my feet special exfoliating treatments.

Now that I’ve cum-pletely relaxed, you’re so turned on. My beautiful, perfect feet and toes are starting to receive the treatment they deserve, thanks to your efforts. But you’re not even close to finished worshipping my feet. You pat them dry, slowly and delicately, until not a drop of my footbath water remains. Coconut oil is my favorite moisturizer, and you know that. Since you will be licking my feet tonight, you don’t want to use anything with too many fragrances or chemicals. You prefer the 100% pure, unadulterated delicious-ness of my soft, pretty feet.

Are you ready to give my feet a hard scrub? Don’t forget I like sugar, peppermint oil and more coconut oil. Mmmm. Wakes me up and tickles a little bit, but in a way that gets me wet.

The curves underneath my feet mirror those of my body in their satisfying, soft perfection. Worshipping them, kneeling in front of me as I look down at you is your sensual domination fantasy.

I don’t understand why something so deeply pleasurable is seen as taboo.

Foot fetishes seem to be more common than most people (and/or my clients) think they are. Honestly, I haven’t had as much foot fetish sex as I would like in my “real” life. Writing this only reminds me of how badly I crave special attention for my feet. (True story: I made myself a luxurious, decadent foot bath IMMEDIATELY after writing this! Call it/this foreplay. But afterwards, I just had to have one. Maybe you can give me my next one during our foot fetish sex call?)

I think it’s sad (or at least a cop-out) when a new caller tells me his IRL sexual partner won’t indulge his foot fetish. I don’t know why your wife won’t give you a foot job, at least once in awhile. Seems selfish to me, but it’s none of my business! And it’s okay, because you can ALWAYS cum confess your feet-crazed fantasies to me. Fetish phone sex exists for a reason, and so do my GORGEOUS feet! How many licks of a foot, a toe will it take to make you cum?

Are you also feeling sexually deprived, especially foot fetish-wise? I’m right here, ready to soak them . . . in the foot bath AND in your mouth, of course!

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