Sensual Dom

By the end of the day, as night falls, I struggle with missing him. My Sensual Dom. He is constantly in my thoughts. I want him, his scent. His firm yet gentle touch, the sound of his calming voice, the safe haven of his strong arms.

It was a stubborn desire, a constant pain I live with. I yearn for him when I wake up at night. If he has to be away for the night I reach for him, at the empty spot next to me. Our passion is overwhelming.

Tonight, was different.

He called and told me what to do. He told me to get on the bed and wait for him. I was to dress in my newest lingerie set and be patient.

He said he wanted to inspect what was his as soon as he walked in. I did what I was told. Kneeling on the bed my legs spread, fingers clasping my hands behind my head, my arms up.

With the anticipation of what would follow next, I could hardly contain my lust. My pussy soaked my ass, panties, even lines of juices on my legs and bed.

I waited for my Sensual Dom.

And then I hear him unlock the front door. He did not come directly into the bedroom. I could hear the clink of glasses as he got himself a shot of his Rye whiskey.

Then I heard him approach from behind. Shivers run down my back, electricity shot to my nipples and clit. My pussy swells, even more, weeping an almost stream from the immediate anticipation.

I hear him sit in the chair behind me. Neither of us speaking even now. Hearing his shoes hit the floor, then his belt buckle, and instantly his zipper.

I know he is undressing to join me.

I feel the bed dip as he approaches behind me. Then the heat from his body. I feel his breath on my head, hands, and neck and my pussy drips another rush of juices out.

He starts kissing my clasped fingers, over my wrists and follows over my arms, down to my back, and crossing back and forth to my sides.

I could feel his tongue trace the edges on the bra of my lingerie set.

Oh finally, I felt his hands on me as he caresses me, first my ribs, and they slide over my waist down my hips, to my legs.

My Sensual Dom scoots closer.

Then I feel his balls graze my crossed ankles, and his manhood as hard as steel on my ass as he presses closer.

He is gently running his fingers caressing each inch of my body. Roaming enjoying my skin as well as the texture of the lingerie presenting my body like a present.

While he kisses my neck, he takes off my bra moving my arms down finally, letting it drop in front of me. He laces my hands over his hands and we cup my firm breasts in his hands.

But with my nails slightly peeking through to press into my breasts. We message my entire breasts. As he nuzzles the side of my neck.

I can hear him inhale my scent. And even more, I can feel his growing excitement against my ass, as beads of his excitement leak out getting my lower back slightly wet.

His hands slowly moving lower across my belly.

He reaches the rim of my panty and slides inside. I start to shake and my head becomes dizzy with desire.

“Be patient, baby girl. I’m going to make your body shiver even more.”

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Sensual Dom
Sensual Dom

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