Master uses me

Master uses me for our pleasure. His voice was rough with command. With a hunger that matched or exceeded my own. I wanted that. Wanted him out of control, burning like I was burning.

I used my tongue leaving a trail of kisses down his chest and belly. My free hand stroking, caresses, while my fist slid up and down in a lazy pump.

I was playing with fire. I could sense his hidden predatory nature, the dark hunger that rose sharp and terrible in him.

His needs were not going to be met easily, but I wasn’t afraid. He would take what he wanted from me, but I knew the rewards would be great.

I had the same well of darker passion in me. And I needed him to give me what I needed.

I love his taste, his body, imprinted in my mind.

I love the look on his face. The dark stamp of sensuality carved so deep into the lines of his face. The hooded eyes, burning into me.

The possession deep in his blue eyes. His lake blue eyes changing to such a deep blue of a nighttime storm. Unusual they were so dark blue but intense and very sexual.

My heartbeat harder slowly I began to lower my head. His control was definitely fraying.

I loved that most of all. That I put that look on his face.

That I could shred his iron control was power. This was heady power. Giving him this. I licked at the pearly crest, and his entire body shuddered under that light touch.

His hands gripped my hair tightly, stopping me, holding my absolutely still.

I might think I was the one in control, but at the sharp bite of pain in my scalp, a thrill raced down my spine.

My gaze jumped to his.

My breath caught in my lungs at the absolute carnal lust I saw there.

“David,” I whispered, knowing I sounded exactly as I felt. Hot. Needy. His voice was so rich, so commanding and dark with hunger. He touched me with his voice alone, stroking over my skin like a velvet rasp.

My feminine channel spasmed, and I thought I might have another orgasm just from the way he held me, looked at me and spoke with that absolute command.

he spoke. “Kitten. Kneel down right there.”

He didn’t loosen the grip on my hair and he didn’t move, giving me little room. I had to slide down his body to comply.

And his hands moved a scant few inches to allow me to kneel in front of him. My mouth watered. He is temptation, and I’d already had a taste of him. Exotic. Dark forests. Masculine. Perfect. I wanted more.

Those words slipped inside me. Made my shiver. Made more hot liquid spill between my legs, to glisten in my fiery curls. He was so sexy. Everything about him.

“Give me this.”

Right then, I would have given him the world. He wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock, guiding it toward my mouth, and it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

I knew my own hunger was growing out of control, but it didn’t matter. I was lost in his dark spell, wrapped up in his hunger, tangled in my own.

He pressed the velvety crown against my lips. The sensation sent another spasm through my channel. And I opened my mouth, licked at the drops there.

Taking the offering and savoring his flavor. His taste was addicting. So sexy.

I wanted this. I wanted him. There was nothing else in the world but this man and his body and the pure sensual pleasure he had wrapped me in. I loved the husky groan that rumbled in his throat when he pressed the head of his cock into my heated mouth.

The electrical current ran from my mouth, through his cock, lashing his spine and whipping through his head. I tried to draw him deep into my mouth, suckling strongly, my tongue working him, all around the flared head and underneath.

Licking. Stroking. Hungry for more. Hungry to keep the devastating sensations whipping through his body. Whipping through mine. It was thrilling. Decadent. Sexy.

He pulled back and I gave a cry of protest, but then he was sinking into my mouth, giving my what I wanted, and I gave him back, each stroke taking him deeper until he was at my throat

I felt the way his body reacted as I sucked hard. It was beautiful, the violent way his muscles contracted from the searing pleasure.

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Master uses me
Master uses me

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