My husband is my perfect little sensual cuck.


My husband led Craig, the guy we met at the bar tonight, and me into our bedroom. Respectfully, my husband is a cuck. He loves watching me take cocks that are bigger than his and telling him how good they feel inside of me. My husband is a sensual cuck. He likes to kiss my neck and encourage me to take other cock. The perfect fuck with the perfect sensual cuck.

I raised my arms, and my husband started slowly undressing me.

Craig got to his underwear and sat on the bed, watching my husband undress me. A perfect sensual cuck allows him to enjoy me being undressed. He slips my dress over my head and then runs his fingers down my bare body. I shoot him a look. He knows he is my sensual cuck… not my perfect fuck. Taking Craig’s hand, he leads his fingertips to my body. I see that Craig is half-hard… His cock is already huge and flaccid; I can’t wait to watch his big cock grow. Reaching down, I start stroking his cock thru his boxers.

“I want him,” I say to my husband. He lowers me down to my knees while kissing the back of my neck. I lean down into Craig’s crotch, using one hand to pull his cock out and put my mouth on it. “His mushroom head is so much bigger than yours, babe.” I take his entire cock into my mouth. Breathing thru my nose, I push his cock down my throat. My sensual cuck husband leans into my ear, whispering how I am doing such a good job, taking all of him down my throat.

Craig starts to throat my fuck.

My sensual cuck husband is telling me to take that big cock like a good girl. Tears are flowing down my face. That sensual cuck wipes my tears. I am gagging, and my sensual cuck tells me to keep breathing through my nose. My face is getting fuck. I am taking it like a perfect whore.

Looking over at my sensual cuck husband and I can tell he is jealous of me taking this whole cock. I smile at him and then start to crawl on top of Craig. Straddling his giant cock, I tell my husband to watch me fuck a real man’s cock. I keep eye contact locked with my husband as I moan and take in Craig’s huge cock. “You feel so much better than my husband”.

I start bouncing on his dick

My titties were bouncing and my husband was watching. “His cock is so much bigger than yours” I tell my husband. I can tell my husband wants me bad but he is also enjoying me riding Craigs big fat dick. My husband starts to stroke his cock and I pull my finger up and shake it no at him. “You don’t get to cum yet… Only Craig and I”

He has sad puppy dog eyes now….

Should I let him come? Or tease him a little longer?

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