I guess he ended up enjoying me laughing at his small penis…


Marvin truly had the most pathetic penis I had ever seen. I bet him as a dancer and over time and back room dances who confided in me that he had a small penis. Small was an understatement. Marvin’s penis was micro and I really enjoyed making fun of him for it. I sat on the bed waiting for him to walk into the hotel room. I thought about masturbating while I waited. This was a paid fuck but his tiny little small penis did not have the capability to get me off.

I was a few minutes into masturbating when Marvin walked in

Annoyed, I pull my hand out of my panties. He knew he couldn’t get me off and he knew better than to say anything about what I was doing. Still I reminded him to not look so pathetic, he wouldn’t be able to make me cum anyway. I nodded at him to pull out his tiny weeny. I can’t help but laugh at his grossly small penis.

A button, if you will. Laughter erupts out of me. I am squealing. Has it gotten smaller? I tell him to start singing his little tiny penis a song. There is no shaft to his small penis. Just a tiny button head. At this point I am laughing so hard tears are coming down my cheeks. I decide to put on a porno to show Marvin what a REAL COCK looks like.

“Look at cock Marvin! I bet you can’t even fathom what it’s like to have a cock half that big” I am laughing again. He is singing to his teeny small penis, tears in his eyes when he looks up at the big cock. I know he wants to be able to fuck so bad. But there is literally nothing for him to even put inside of a woman.


He starts stroking it as Im telling him how pathetic his little pepe is. Dying a virgin because he has a fat clit instead of a cock. There is no such thing as stroking his dick. He just has to rub his tiny, microscopic pee pee. I lay back and look past Marvin. Watching the giant cock on the screen I start to masturbate. “Sorry Marvin, I know you wanted to play with me, but your small penis grosses me out” I start masturbating to the giant cock on screen.

Marvin has to watch me cum. I don’t even allow him to get close. I take my hand and slid it into my panties. He is rubbing his little button and watching me. I slowly pull my panties off, keeping eye contact with him while I do it. He knows he can’t actually look at it. Just directly into my eyes. Him and his pathetic small penis.

Micro baby button. clitty.

I am laughing again now. Rubbing my clit, sometimes sliding a finger into my wet pussy. Laughing and playing with myself. He keeps watching me. I know he wishes he could just put it inside of me. But he has nothing to even fuck me with. Tiny small pepe basically nothing. Fat button clit.

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