My Perfect Daddy


I met Dom, who is my Dom, who I call Dom Daddy, Dom or Daddy, in a sex club a year ago. I’ve never seen him outside of a sex club or a hotel room. He is the perfect Dom Daddy. Over time he has gained 100% of my trust. I do whatever my Dom Daddy tells me to do. He’s trained me well. But he has always trained me or fucked me hard when it was planned.

I don’t know how long he had been watching me, but the very first time I saw him and we locked eyes. My Dom Daddy just pointed to the bathroom. I knew Daddy wanted me to go in there and be naked by the time he got in there. My instantly drenched.

Walking over to the bathroom I started to feel my pussy juices leak onto my panties

My Dom Daddy had basically Pavol’d me. I saw him, my pussy faucet turned on. Leaking for him. I walked into the bathroom, one stall, lock on the door. Thank God because I knew what my perfect Dom Daddy was going to do to me and my pussy in that bathroom. We needed to be able to be alone. I stripped down to only my pink lace panties.

It didn’t come into the bathroom for 20 minutes. Standing there in only my panties as my pussy dripped waiting for Dom Daddy. Where was Daddy? My friends were blowing my phone up asking where I was. Not one message from him. I kept waiting…finally after another 10 minutes I texted him and said “I am ready. I need you Dom Daddy, please.”

Less than 20 seconds later I heard the knock that he uses at the hotel to let me know he’s coming in. I unlock the door and he slides in behind me. Kissing my neck and he whispers “I knew my good girl would wait for me”. I could have came right then…

Leaning me over the sink, Dom Daddy slides my panties off.

He parts my pussy and pushes his cock into me. Thanking him as I moan. Daddy has the perfect cock and he starts railing it into me. I am trying to hold myself on the sink, but I am afraid he is going to break the sink. He is plowing into me. It sounds like juices are flowing and being pushed out of my pussy with Daddy’s throbbing cock. He pushes my leg up onto the sink and now I am wide open for him.

Dom Daddy grabs my hips and thrusts into me. He feels so good deep insde me. The cold of the sink stimulating my thighs, the hardest of his cock stimulating my pussy. “Dom Daddy can I come on you?”, I moan and beg.

“Squirt all over Daddy’s dick you dirty whore, make Daddy a mess”

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