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I realized how much fun a senior citizen can be in the sack and how much I love dirty old man cock. Dirty old man cock might very well be my favorite type of cock. As a nursing major, I was required a certain amount of related volunteer hours for one of my class projects. I decided to do mine in a nursing home because that sounded like the most straightforward volunteer job with minimal trauma and high-risk situations to deal with. I was not entirely confident in my abilities just yet to chose anything else. When I arrived, they had me put on a little bright green sticker that said Volunteer on it.

I was to assist in turning over some of the bed-ridden patients, cleaning them, passing out food during lunch, and other more graphic tasks. Early in my shift, I met this one particularly crude older man. I was making the rounds for a wash and happened upon his room last. He seemed rather young to be in a nursing home. We got to talking, and he told me that he was just dumped there by his family. Both of his spoiled children rallied against him in a bid to sell the house after his wife died. He made several pervy comments during this session while I began stripping him down to wash him. Once he was entirely naked, I started rinsing his body at his shoulders.

I rinsed his arms and then moved to his chest and down his stomach.

I looked down to find a massive cock. He was rock hard while I moved down. He told me that I was staring and I apologized. I told him that it was so big that I just couldn’t look away. I avoided his cock because it was so scary. It looked like a horse cock; the thing possessed such a weight. I washed his feet and legs. Then as I traveled up his thighs, I knew it was not something I could get away with ignoring. I started at his balls, and his cock flexed as I washed them. I had no idea why I was washing him when it was clear that this man could wash his own body. Then it dawned on me that perhaps he was pretending to be less well than he was in order to receive physical attention from the nurses.

How clever! I began washing his cock with a cloth, and he moaned. His eyes rolled back, and his hips thrust forward. There was nothing that I could do about it. It kind of turned me on. No one was around. We were in a private room to ourselves. I moved the cloth and began jerking him off. He looked surprised. Then, he climbed out, which I assumed that none of the other nurses knew he could achieve. He stood right up and kissed me. He pressed his pervy, aged, dripping wet body to my tight teen body. It felt so taboo, and it turned me on! I unbuttoned my top, and my little tits popped out. I rarely wear a bra, and on this occasion, I was braless as usual.

Finally, I pulled myself up on to the counter and spread my legs for him.

He stood right in front of me and guided his massive rod into me. It was so huge that it required quite a bit of working to push it in. I felt it spread me out real deep. We could have been caught at any moment, but that only made it way more exciting for me. He plunged in and out of me, and I came all over his massive cock. Then, I knelt and wrapped my lips all over his slippery cock. I began to clean my pussy juices off of his cock. I loved the taste. It all felt so dirty and naughty. Lastly, I swallowed as much of his cock as I could. Then, I slurped his cum down as I felt it pump into my mouth. I fucked someone over three times my age. I fucked a senior citizen in a senior citizen’s home!

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