So many of you are asking for my panties. It is flattering and I love that you love me. I haven’t sold them much because I didn’t think it was a big deal but it turns out it is a big deal. Sure, my tight young pussy is nice and it smells amazing. And, I love how good I taste too. So, why wouldn’t my callers enjoy sucking the juice out of my pretty little panties? It makes sense you will enjoy having them during our calls. It is time for selling my dirty panties.

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Now, I understand it is important I am selling my dirty panties to all.

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Won’t that be sweet to feel the crotch against your cock and balls. The spot where my wet young pussy creamed those panties? I know you are getting hard right now, aren’t you? Good, because I am wet and we should both be getting excited together. That is the joy of playing together, enjoying the fun with each other.

Whether you want a young submissive cum slut or the dominant brat, I am that girl!

I love being able to be what my callers need. Providing quality fun with a side of panty adds to the thrill of our calls. Knowing you have those dirty panties in your hand or against your cock or wrapped around your cock, oh my gosh! What a fucking rush to know you will have them touching you as I am touching my pussy.

The same cream that is on the crotch with you is the same cream I am swirling my finger in. Oh, that is so damn hot! I am so excited to be able to start selling my dirty panties to all my favorite guys. My panties are so tiny and cute too. I know you will love how nice they feel in your hands when they arrive at your house. Does that get you excited, the day the package shows up at your door?

You will know it is from me and that dick is going to spring to attention!

I love that! Your dick hard over my package and the fact that my soiled panties are in it. Then, you will tear it open and immediately smell the crotch. At that moment, you are smelling me, finally. My crusty teen panties in your hands. The soft material, the dirty crotch and my smell all over them. It is exciting right?!

I know you are dying to get a pair now! Don’t worry, I am making sure I have enough for all my favorite fellas. I am wearing them enough to get them really dirty for you too. It is important that when you are pulling them out of the package you are feeling the creamed crotch. I know you are going to be hard as rock for days playing with them.

That is getting me even more wet!

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So, starting now, I am selling my dirty panties and if you want them, you have to call me to get them!


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