I find myself being aroused at the most awkward moments.   I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have pleasured myself in the car on the way to work, the bathroom at work, restaurants, bars, amusement parks, etc.

I try to fight it, but I can not help myself sometimes.   I just have to release myself,  I feel like I am under so much pressure.  I usually try to soothe it by just tapping on my clit a little bit.  That really does not help me at all.

Soon after,  I would be pushing my fingers in and out of my pussy.  Sliding them in between my slit rubbing on that clit.  Toying with my nipples intensifying the pleasures that make my juices flow.  Sucking my fingers, getting them nice and wet as I slide in between my ass cheeks.  Gently tickling my that tight little asshole and then back up inside my pussy.

I keep rubbing on my clit as I finger fuck my snatch.  Feeling the erotic bliss of ecstasy up on me, I rub faster, finger harder.   Make myself squirm and moan.  Then, with one last jam of the fingers inside my cunt, I cream all up on them, making my own body go limp.  Panting, trying to get myself back together to go about my business.

I do, I masturbate a lot.  I would say at least four or five times a day.