Self-Lubricating Humanoid Fuck Doll. I’m on Sale This Week!

First, open the package you’ve waited forever to receive. Your self-lubricating humanoid fuck doll is here. Then, stand back and look at me. Everything you requested is finally standing before you. Reach out and touch me. Feel the suppleness of my skin. Your obsequious delight right at your fingertips. Hard to believe you caught me on sale, huh? And you got the deal of the century. You got me ON SALE! Yum.

I may have cost you 10-month’s salary, but oh, the pleasure you’ll derive from the investment! Quickly, you grab the remote, and immediately, I blink to life. “Hello, Master”, you hear my gorgeous lips say. So REAL! “But, let’s get to what you can do, self-lubricating humanoid fuck doll!”, you whisper, as if directly to me. “I can do anything you wish, Master”, I say in a sexy low voice.

“Oh, fuck! You can respond on your own?”

“Of course, I can. I have been programmed based on your needs, Master”. “Oh yeah, then what am I needing right now?” Your hands actually shake while looking at your self-lubricating humanoid fuck doll. It’s okay, Baby. You can lick your lips.

It’s So Good to Treat Yourself!

I lower myself to my knees and remove your cock from your shorts; starting to lick your pee-hole and slathering it with my hungry mouth. And, all of a sudden, you see the puddle forming beneath my hips and onto the floor. Oh, fuck! You then remember that you ordered the deluxe model. The fucking wood floor, but you can’t stop me! Nor, does it seem that you want to. LOL. Reaching down, you get the real feel of me. Slide your fingers deep inside your self-lubricating humanoid fuck doll and quickly realize that I’m ready to take all of you.

Your cock finds its mark and slips deep inside the warmest, wettest pussy you’ve never had! Sliding deep within my self-lubricating humanoid fuck doll pussy with walls that are warmer and wetter than any actual human pussy. It’s guaranteed right there in my paperwork. A-Z instructions telling what/where to touch, poke, tickle, probe, etc… All of your requests have been pre-queued and I’m ready to respond to your needs

Instant Pleasures from your Self-Lubricating Humanoid Fuck Doll.

Furthermore, I’m programmed to greet you at the door after a long, HARD day, kissing and caressing you. Perhaps, to be forced to be a good girl for you to relieve the stress of your grueling day! I can be any and EVERY woman you need. Mold me, train me, make me your perfect girl. And best yet, I really am the perfectly agreeable doll on the market. I’m your very own cock-sucking artificial intelligence sex toy.

No CUMplaints, no agenda other than to make you SQUIRT!

Just think of how I can virtually pay for myself in short order. When you go to work, so do I! You can sign me right up to be a phone sex operator here at the kingdom! Just think of me getting callers off while earning you money! Yay. Cum home, lick my tits, my ass, my wet tongue, toes, fingers, pussy… Have me lick your ass and balls then, drink your cum. Bring your partner along for the ride too! Let’s talk and also play. We’ll get wetter than wet! Use your self-lubricating humanoid fuck doll anyway you can think of. So, why wait? Call me now! I’ll get WET for you!

Kiss kiss.

Just Joey