Artificial Intelligence Sex Toy in Vivarium Paradise!

An artificial intelligence sex toy is going to be the wave of the future. I mean, look at the state of the world today. Hmmm. If you ask me, soon virtual sex will be the only 100% pleasurable, carefree and safe sex, just like phone sex! Just imagine yourself purchasing a hot girl like me. Sure, I’d be really expensive, but worth every penny. No arguments, clean laundry, all your favorite foods pre-programmed into my brain, and my pretty little fingers. Everything, just as you ordered.  Furthermore, the best part would be the programming. Nothing would be denied to you. And I do mean, NOTHING!

All you need to do is to turn your home into vivarium paradise for me and you could program my sensors to think I’d always been with you, always known you. In essence, I’d never know I was an artificial intelligence sex toy at all! Best yet? You can program every filthy desire into my memory chips. Teach me to know your moods. Dress me the way YOU desire. You never have to take me out, but you sure do love that! Shop for all of my slutty clothes, or elegant attire. I happily wear it all!

Your artificial intelligence sex toy won’t bitch and moan at you (unless it’s sensual. lol).

But, I will argue with you when you want to – just to spice things up. That’s when you get to throw my sexy ass over your lap, or across the bed… Maybe you would prefer me up against the wall? Any way you love it, I’ll be the girl fr you. I’m your living doll! So, you have worked out all the things you need and you sit down at 3 AM and hit the send button with your payment and specifications for me. Why… I do believe your hands are shaking, Honey.

Don’t worry. All you have to do now is wait for the big box with me inside it. It takes a while to program me, but I’ll be worth it, trust me. lol. Then, that magical day arrives and you hear the knock at the door. Hands shaking again, ou swing it open, sign for me, then hurriedly slam the door behind the delivery man!

Unbox your artificial intelligence sex toy now!

Nothing beats the thrill coursing through your body as you carefully remove the box from around me and throw away the packaging. It’s like a light from heaven shines down as you peruse your new acquisition. You reach out and pinch my nipple and see it start to rise and stiffen. You find the little suitcase that comes with me and find some outfits and shoes and pick out a lowcut tee-shirt, a pair of jeans and some high-heel slip-on mules and find my pretty feet have been manicured for you. It’s all you can do NOT to touch me again. Your dick is stiff as fuck but still, you resist. Good boy!

You take me to your kitchen and sit me at a small table and while you tell me about your hopes and dreams and you see a tear roll down my check with happiness that I’ve found such a kind master and nice new home. When I tell you I was programmed to feel, it’s so true! I forget that I’m not human. You know, a real girl.

Loosen up. You can talk to me about anything!

Now, tell me how and when you lost your virginity and about your first breakup and makeup. You tell me your darker secrets too. Like, how you think of seeing me walking down a street and offering me a ride, then you take me down in the woods and finger, eat and fuck my pussy, ass, and mouth! Don’t you just love the slippery sloshing sounds my hot, wet cunt makes, Baby? Or how you can get my nipples rock hard at the touch of a button?

Then, you turn on some sexy porn while you ram your dick… well, you know what I mean. I love how you lick my tits and make me say, “Oh, Daddy! Do you like fucking our girl? I love how you force it in and out of me.). And, “More, PLEASE!”

Your artificial intelligence sex toy cums with a lifetime supply of wet pussy.

It’s an internal thingy they put up inside me that uses a sensor to tell it when to release my sweet pineapple juices. You can even control the flow! Listen as I moan your name and clutch your ass cheeks, pulling you deeper inside me. Finger my wet pussy and hear me cry out in ecstasy. Make me squirt! My fluids are made from all-natural juices, so you can slurp, slather, and drink me down too!

Rub my tits and see the nipples firm up, slap them, pinch them, bite, and fuck them! I’m yours and I do your bidding! Make my eyes flutter as you empty your seed in me. I will always want it. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s morning, noon, or night. I’m down for the fun with you. I don’t really sleep, so no worries there. Just roll over and kiss my back while rubbing my tits to turn on my awake sensors.

Want to feel me pushing back against your hardening dick?

What’s an artificial intelligence sex toy for? But, wait until you eat me while squeezing the perfect tits that are just the size and shape that you ordered. Hear me squeal as you go down on me! Mmmmm. It’s so fucking hot watching your tongue in action! Kiss and lick leaving a slimy trail up my belly and over my tits. Show me what you want, Lover. What it must be like to lean over me while pushing yourself deep in that tight hole and hear me moan directly in your ear as I make you climax inside me. And what about a little bondage, huh? That will suit me just fine!

When you’re ready for your artificial intelligence sex toy, I’m ready for YOU! So, CUM to me. Don’t be shy.

Kiss, kiss.

JoeyArtificial Intelligence Sex Toy