Self home quarantine brings new raunchy ideas out.

I have standing appointments with my sex buddy even while in self home quarantine. It makes my body quiver when I think of those hands roaming my silky body. Along with a thick, juicy tongue. There is nothing comparable to the body heat radiated while two bodies are against each other.  Right at what we think could be the end of our optimal enjoyment could result, most likely in a new beginning to another round of our kinky madness with no end in sight.

self home quarantine

Safety measures for my self home quarantine first.

Upon arrival, all clothes will be taken off outside. Entry to my house will be done by going through the basement. Down there I have a shower with everything needed to clean that body of yours. Don’t forget the shot of rum on the table right beside the door. The warm burn you get will mostly alleviate the chill from outside. Get in the shower and lather up for me really good. 

By the end of your refreshing shower, I will have made it down there appearing at your shower side absolutely naked. In hand, I’ll have lavender and peppermint body wash. Yes, I know that you’ve already disinfected your body. The thing is I have to make sure that you’ve done it properly. I enter and stand behind you right there in the shower watching the suds rub off your body and down the drain. 

I lather my body puff and begin lathering your body all over again. First your neck, then your shoulders, next are your arms. As I lather them your fingertips touch my nipple. At that very moment, you realize how much o a turn on this is for me. I lather your back as well as your chest, in between getting more body wash because I want to cover your body good. 

This is the beginning of what quarantine pleasure is.

 I skip your stomach and head down to your feet and started to move my way up your body. Nice and stow, remember I’m doing my job at getting your body all clean. I look in your eyes as I lather up your stomach. There’s thick, creamy soap everywhere. I then ask you how this special body feels on your skin as I rub it into you so hypnotically. You can do nothing but smile as you feel my left-hand slide down lower and lower until you feel me in between your legs.

By now, you’ve started to feel that tingle from this very special body wash. As my hands roam in between your legs, and now starting on your butt you feel that calming cool. You aren’t hard as of yet but I love that. I gently squeeze your hard member in my hand as I start to massage your bottom crack. I slowly slide my finger from top to bottom and I press my hard nipples against your chest.

Here comes the good part about my safety home quarantine body cleaning.

I stroke into between your legs with my left hand and match the motion of my other hand which I’m gliding my fingers up and down your ass crack. Once I feel you begin to harden as the result of this silky, erotic friction I begin massage that buttonhole. You stand there in a trance-like state while I massage and caress your body. After a few moments, I feel that puckered ass just suck my two fingers inside of it which turns me completely on.

I go crazy with pumping my fingers knuckles deep inside of you while alternating between stroking you and massaging your balls. Even with the cool feel, you grow harder and harder in my hand. Those moans of yours get deeper louder. You hear footsteps which makes you pause, you also become wide-eyed. An older woman opens the curtains and asks, “can I join in”? It’s my hot mom babe. Are you ready for the main course or this self home quarantine?

How are you holding up during this time? ALSO… How are you holding up at your self home quarantine? I’m here for you so call now to release the stress. This M.I.L.F. incest phonesex has everything you need. So everything will be just fine.

self home quarantine