It was senior year high school and my Math teacher Mr. Duvall made my pussy wet. He was tall, dark, and handsome with baby blue eyes and a crooked little smile. I’d say he was probably in his mid thirties and I knew he was married because I noticed a ring on his finger. I didn’t give a shit about his marriage though all I knew is I wanted him all over my body fucking me hard and biting my nipples. I fantasized about him all the time and I could never get him or the naughty thoughts out of my head. I soon became determined to seduce him.

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I sat in the front row of the classroom and made sure to wear an extra short skirt. While he began teaching I spread my legs far apart and there was my pussy for his eyes only. He didn’t notice until he turned around from writing on the board. When he looked at my suculent pussy his eyes grew wide and he became very silent. I could tell he wanted it by look in his eyes. I did this over the next few days and he sat behind his desk to teach instead of standing up and walking around like he usually did. I suppose it was to hide the massive hard on he was getting from me. He’d glance over every few seconds and give me a little smirk. I’d wink at him and it was obvious he was having trouble following the lesson plan with my distraction.
One day after class was dismissed I waited in there for a second to be alone with Mr. Duvall. When the classroom was cleared I walked up to him unbuttoning the top few buttons on my blouse exposing my firm and sexy cleavage. I placed my hands on the desk and leaned over towards him. He gulped loudly and I could tell he was nervous. He glanced down at my tits and then gave me a crooked little smirk.
“Mr. Duvall, I’m having trouble grasping the concept of these new equations. Do you think there is anyway we can set up some time after school so you could give me some extra help?” I asked in a low and innocent sounding voice.
“Yeah, I would love to help you. How about you come to my office at 4:30 today?”
I agreed. I had an A in the class and we both knew I didn’t need tutoring so both of our intentions were known.
I rushed to his office at 4:30 ready for my “lesson”. When I walked in his cool blue eyes pierced through my body as he shut and locked the door behind me.
He grabbed me and we began to kiss as we ripped each others shirts off. He grabbed one of my breast and took it into his sexy mouth. My pussy was soaking wet in between my thighs and my anticipation was killing me. He whipped out his cock and slammed me over his desk. He spread my cheeks apart and inserted his cock into my pussy. He fucked me hard and long as he spanked my ass and pulled my long hair. His cock slid in and out of me making me cum long and hard.
After that we set up weekly “tutoring” sessions.

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