The Seduction Queen is here….

Story of Seduction: I was at a company party for my husband’s job. When I looked over and saw this ruggedly handsome man. He had that perfect 5 o’clock shadow, deep blue eyes, and arms the size of my thighs. I noticed he kept glancing back at me. Staring at my tits and ass. Undressing me with his deep blue eyes. I could tell his wife was getting jealous. In that’s moment I knew I had to find a way to seduce him.

The next day I baked some cookies, and got all dolled up in my best seduction lingerie. It was a pink corset, with silky white stockings and a pink rose thong. I put on my high heels and threw on my black trench coat over the top. I was determined to seduce this guy one way or another.

When I got to his house I knocked on the door, he opened it and said “Chloe, what are you doing here?” with a surprised look on his face.  I said I wanted to bring you some cookies and congratulate you on your big win.”  Once he shut the door I dropped my coat on the floor and he couldn’t take his eyes off my big rack.  He said, “Chloe what are you doing?”

I didn’t say anything I just pushed him down onto the sofa and straddled his big cum gun.

I could tell he wanted to take me then and there, even though he was telling me we had to stop. He wanted me to seduce him. I pushed his head right in-between my big breast so he could smell the sweet smell of vanilla lingering on my soft skin.  I slowly started unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing my hands down his chest, making my way down his stomach and to the button of his pants. Could feel his fuck stick growing up against my thigh. I said, “baby, I know you want me I can feel your love muscle growing, and I want it inside my tight wet snatch.”

To be continued…..

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