The Seduction Queen is getting what she wanted all along!

“Yes I’ll give you what you want since your finally begging for it like a good boy,” I answered back.  I straddled his lap taking him deep into my trembling tight wet pussy. Feeling him growing harder and harder with every move I made. I leaned in and began kissing his neck softly. Then I whispered in his ear “you’re finally mine, and only mine, let me hear you say it.”  ” Yes Chloe your seduction tactics worked on me I am yours and only yours.” He whispered back with a shaky voice.

I could feel his hard cock throbbing inside of me, as I rode him grinding myself into him harder and deeper with ever thrust. I didn’t want him to cum yet so I pulled him out of me. “You don’t cum until I tell you to.” Do you understand me?” I asked.. “Yes Chloe, I understand.” He replied.  “Good, Now I want you to put it in my tight little ass.” I turned around and bent over the couch. Pulling my ass checks wide open for him. Put your dick in my ass now I yelled. He came over and started to slide his hard man meat into me. “Don’t be nice about it just shove it in there, I want you to make it hurt, Make me scream.”

He grabbed me by the hips and rammed his cock deep inside of my little rosebud ass.

With every move he made in and out of me, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to climaxing. I could feel him throbbing deep inside of me which made it harder for me to hold back. “Chloe I can’t hold back anymore, I’m about to cum deep inside of you. Please just let me cum.”

“Ok, babe I’m about to cum also, cum with me.” Cum with me now, I squirted hot steamy cum all over him, and his couch, leaving a huge puddle of my wetness everywhere. I told him he needed to lick it all up while I got dressed. Then I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a lock, walked over and strapped it around his cock and balls. “What the hell is that. He asked shocked?”

“I told you, that your mine and all mine. And now you will never be able to cum without me again. I don’t care how hard you try to get it off; you never will be able to without this key, unless you want to cut it off.” “Chloe, you will always be my seduction queen.” He said.  I turned and walked to the door like I was going to leave, but then I turned around and left him with these final words. “I had fun babe, call me when you need your nut’s drained again.” I smiled, flipped my hair and left without another word. I’m sure he will be calling me any day now.

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