I’m a master of seduction. 

That’s a statement, not a question. Man, woman, black, white. It doesn’t matter. Once I set my sights on someone, sooner or later they usually become mine, if that’s what I want! I’m a bratty little whore, and I DO love getting my way. Recently I set my sights on the seduction of my boss’s wife. She’s a little older, a LOT repressed, but her tits are pert, legs shapely, and her face is actually quite beautiful. She’s also a redhead, which drives me wild!

I spend a lot of time fucking her husband (my boss) behind her back, so I starting thinking to myself; wouldn’t it be GREAT if I could get her to loosen up and join in? We’d all have SO much fun together! But she had never been with another woman, so I knew I had my work cut out for me! And so, a seduction plan began to form in my mind. I’m a bartender, so it’s not too much of a stretch to think I might be able to get her drunk. Drunk enough to break down those inhibitions and let me have my way with her!

Quite often, we are alone together at the bar at closing on Sundays. She’s doing the accounting for the week, so we can all get paid. And I host my own night (yes, you read that right. What can I say – they love me!) so at the end of things, I’m left to do all the cleaning up. On occasion, we sit down once the doors are locked and have a well-deserved drink together to celebrate the end of another work week. Could I get her to have two? Maybe three? Doubtful. As I said, she’s a bit repressed; more of a one drink only kinda girl. Hmmm. What to do?

Suddenly, the lightbulb in my little blonde brain flickered on and I knew EXACTLY what to do! 

I showed up smiling for work last Sunday night, and all night long, I was in a great mood; because I knew what was going to happen after work! It seemed like forever, but finally the end of the night came, and it was time to relax and and have the drink that we’d earned for closing on a Sunday! Instead of pouring our usual shots, I made up 2 very fruity drinks, topped with fresh peach slices. Very sweet. Very fresh. And the perfect thing to hide the extra ingredient that I was about to add – to HER drink anyway!

I pulled out the bottle of Valium that I had stolen from my Daddy’s medicine cabinet before I left for work. The label read Valium, 10 mg. I’ve never taken it, so how many do I smash up and put in her drink? I put in three – just to be safe! Then I swirled the brightly colored powder around and around in her drink, making sure it dissolved instead of clumping up at the bottom, where she would notice it. I tasted it and smiled. Perfect. You couldn’t taste ANY bitterness at all! (I’m a pretty good bartender, if I do say so myself!) I called her to the bar, telling her I’d made something special for us tonight. Again, I laughed to myself. She had no idea how special tonight was going to be!

We sat down at the bar together, and she ran her fingers through her long dark auburn hair. YUM! She took a tentative drink, and then another; and another! She was gulping down her heavily laced drink and exclaiming about how good it tasted! Meanwhile, my mind was racing, thinking of some of the OTHER things she would be tasting later that are just as juicy and sweet! She sat at the bar with me much longer than usual. After about 20 minutes, she mentioned that it must have been a strong drink, because she was feeling a little tingly all over. He eyes were getting glassy. I pulled my bar stool very close to hers, leaned in, and asked with concern if she was feeling all right. She lurched forward slightly, her face very close to mine, saying she was fine, and giggling a little.

I cut her giggles short when my soft pink lips pressed impulsively against hers; unable to wait any longer. I hoped she was feeling relaxed enough and tingly enough to be receptive. She pulled away at first, but my hand cupped the back of her neck lightly, and I kissed her again – more firmly this time. To my surprise, the next thing I felt was her tongue sliding into my mouth, and I could see her breasts heaving a little beneath her shirt as she grew more excited!

Call me to hear more yummy details about my successful seduction of my boss’s wife!

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