Seducing My Daughter’s Boyfriend

Being experienced in the sexual arts means that I’m always looking for perfection, whether it be for me or for someone I know. I have friends and family coming to me for advice all the time, and what I offer them is always the best I know. This principle becomes even stronger when it comes to the people I love, especially my children. So, when my teenage daughter told me she had a boyfriend, her very first, I knew I had to try him out. They were going to have sex sooner or later, and I wanted to make sure that my daughter’s first time was going to be with an adequate lover. What I didn’t anticipate was that seducing my daughter’s boyfriend would be so much fun.

I had her invite him over for dinner. He was a cute kid called Charles, slightly muscular and still growing. He was trying to impress me the entire night and was making all these cute, dumb jokes that my daughter just adored. I was pleased, they actually made a really good pair. Now, it was time to try him out for my sweet girl and make sure he’s good enough for her.

 He had no idea what he was in for. 

After dinner, I sent my daughter to her room. She protested, but I told her that I wanted to talk with Charles privately.

“But, mom!”

“No buts. I have to know the boy who’s going out with my daughter. So, get going now.”

She showed her annoyance and stomped out towards her room.

All alone with cute little Charles I turned on my charm and gave him a knowing smile. He smiled back, completely oblivious to what I was thinking about. He had no idea that all I had on my mind was seducing my daughter’s boyfriend.

“What do you want to know about me, Miss Ramona?” he asked with all his southern charm. He was about to find out what a slutty cougar I was.

I slowly pushed up the hem of my dress, revealing my perfect, sumptuous thighs. I could hear him gulp.

Teaching him a thing or two.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Y-yes,” he mumbled his reply, “why?”

“Hmm,” I smirked, “how can I expect you to please my daughter if you don’t know how to?”

“W…what do you mean?”, he asked, shocked.

“You have to be experienced for me to know you can make my daughter happy, Charles,” I replied, “So, come here and let’s see how well you can lick my pussy.”

I beckoned him with a finger and he was kneeling in front of me in a flash. Before I could even guide him, he was taking off my panties and licking me. He was going in all the wrong places but his enthusiasm made me laugh. I brought him up and gave him a big sloppy kiss.

“Now, do as I tell you.”

He nodded, and I guided him down again. I opened my pussy wide and showed him the spot he had to work on. He resumed his attack again, licking my clit fervently. His tongue soon slipped inside and he began lapping up my juices with his mouth. He was a natural. I was moaning soon, completely into it.

Seducing my daughter’s boyfriend turned out to be very pleasing.

Surprisingly, he was making me so hot. I pushed him back and took off his pants to see a throbbing ten-inch cock. It was beautiful and thick. I licked my lips before I licked his cock. Using my tongue to suck his top, I stimulated him just enough to make it throb, while my fingers constricted the base to make sure he didn’t blow – yet.

Once he was rock hard, I laid him down on his back and got on top.

“Now, listen,” I told him, “take this as a lesson. I’m going to show how you can please a woman.”

And that’s exactly what I did. He came too soon, so I didn’t have a lot of time to go into specifics, but he sure did have his stamina. I taught him everything. When we were done, I was certain that he knew just how he had to touch and feel a woman’s body in order to please her. I gave him a big kiss and squeezed his ass as I said good night to him. Who knew seducing my daughter’s boyfriend would be so much fun.

I didn’t see him regularly afterward. He was a loyal kid, but what I did notice soon was my daughter walking with crab feet a week later. She looked incredibly pleased, and that was enough to make me smile.

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