Seducing mommy’s boyfriend isn’t that hard in fact I think he was just pretending like he was trying to do the right thing deep down inside we both know how bad he wanted me. I wore just a t shirt and panties to bed just waiting for the night he would creep into my room and fuck me like a real man should. I waited for months he had made no move being the impatient girl I am, I made my own moves. Mommy heads out to work early in the morning before the sunrise. I listen for her car to leave the drive way and I tip toe into her room. I slide under the covers and cuddle up next to mommy’s boyfriend. He’s laying with his back towards me I wrap my arms around his waist and move my hands down his stomach into his boxers. Poor guy thought I was mommy.

He rolls over and begins to kiss my neck, telling me I was going to be late for work but I just let out a little moan. Poor bastard has no idea he’s not kissing mommy. He starts sliding his hand up my t shirt and back down inside my panties playing with my pussy and sliding his hands behind me to grab my ass. Its still dark so dark you can barely see in mommy’s room I feel him grab me and flip me onto my stomach he’s now behind me yanking my panties off licking my pussy and my asshole sliding his tongue back and fourth from one hole to the next. He smothers his face into my ass worshipping my ass, telling me how soft it feels, how good it taste. I bury my face into the pillow as a moan, I’m grabbing the sheets on the bed and squeezing it feels so good I can’t stop getting so wet. I feel his cock slide into my pussy he fucks me hard shoving my head into my pillow as he fucks me.

I reach my hand back behind me, I grab his cock and place his cock head on the outside of my ass he whispers “oh this is new” I think I’m busted but he pushes his cock into my ass thrusting in and out. His balls are slapping into me with each thrust. My pussy get so wet I feel it soaking the sheet under me. He slides his cock out of and roles us over where I’m top but I slide down between his legs and lick his cock head teasing it watching him squirm. His cock starts to twitch, as he blows his load all into my mouth I swallowed ever drop. He gets up turns on the bedroom light to get dressed and guess who he sees.

Cum give me a barely legal creampie!

Kinky Kelsey