Why I LOVE Seducing married men

Do you know why I love seducing married men? Married men are so easy and it’s fun to watch them drool when I wear slutty revealing clothes. Your already married to your desperate housewife but that doesn’t mean you can have a little fun on the side. She is always busy running errands and has no time to fuck you but I do. It’s been awhile now since she asked if you were wanting to try something new in the bedroom? I bet you don’t even get to explore your fantasies. You lay in bed and do the same old missionary sex position and I bet the little sex you have is routine by now but It doesn’t have to be. First and foremost, know you have other options and I want to explore all your sexual fetishes with you.

Throughout the day I’ll tease you sending you naughty videos of me masturbating. I’m sure after those hot videos you’ll be begging me to swing by your office. If it is a sexy hot role play you’re into I’ll put on some sexy outfits and tease you at the office. A secret affair with your client or secretary sounds so hot. You can squeeze me in around lunch time for a quick little play session. No boring same old routines here I’ll always keep it new and kinky just for you. After work sneak away to my place where we can have hours together because I’m really wanting to show off my tease and denial side. Every man loves a playful tease because we all want what we can’t have.

I’ll spend the night edging you. Let’s hear how you sound begging for a taste of me. While hovering my pussy over your face I’ll use my mouth to tease you. As my tongue teases your cock you’ll beg for me to let you cum. Should I give in or should I deny you? I’m one fuck buddy you’ll never want to let go of. I can give you what your missing and more. See why I have so much fun seducing married men? From sensual love affair to kinky fuck buddy are you ready for me to show you what your missing?

Kinky Kelsey