I  Love a Sexy Female Professor!

When brains meet beauty it is such a massive turn-on for me. My favorite professor was just that. She was a sexy, serious librarian type that you just knew got crazy in bed. When I should have been listening to the lecture, I would just fantasize about her releasing her long dark hair from her uptight bun and in slow motion shaking her hair out, revealing what a sexy knockout she was. My sexy female professor was a bit of an ice queen though and seemed very unattainable. It made her that much more alluring but I just stuck to my in-class fantasies. 

That is until I got in a bit over my head. I must admit, I partied a lot during that semester and was failing her class. My parents would be so mad if I failed. I had to do whatever it took to pass. They wouldn’t take: “My sexy female professor is so hot I can’t concentrate”, as an excuse. So, I made a plan to seduce her and I get the A I knew I deserved. 

The Seduction

This wouldn’t be the first time I used my body as a weapon and certainly wouldn’t be the last. I’ve been known to have my share of not so innocent flirty fun and using my body to get what I want.

On the morning of the seduction, I sat in the front row right in front of my professor. When everyone was seated, I took off my sweater to reveal my first weapon. I was wearing no bra and a tight white and very see-through blouse. My full D tits were practically on full display and just for my sexy female professor. And of course, I didn’t wear any panties underneath my short skirt, my second weapon. She didn’t notice my tits right away but once she did she started to stutter and lost track of what she was lecturing. 

She tried to get back on track but couldn’t take her eyes off my tits. I saw her blushing. Then, I spread my legs slowly and flashed her my bare pussy. She looked straight into my sweet spot and licked her lips. I saw her start to fan herself, she was getting so hot and horny! It all must have been too much for her because she excused the class early. 

Right Where I Want Her

Of course, I stayed seated. Once the last person left, she went over and locked the door. I knew I had my sexy female professor right where I wanted her. I stood and without a word, she came over to me and kissed me deeply. Her hands made their way up my blouse and squeezed my nipples. My cunt tingled. Then she lifted my blouse and sucked on each of my tits. I pulled her away and told her I needed to pass the class with an A. “Yes, of course, anything Shay,” she panted in the heat of the moment and went back to sucking on my tits. I could have asked for anything at that moment and I think she would have given in!

I told my sexy female professor to take down her hair and she did the sexy librarian head shake I had been fantasizing about. Then I led her to her desk chair, I sat on the desk in front of her and opened my legs. She dove right in and started eating my pussy. She paused every so often to tell me how much she loved young pussy and how I was definitely getting an A. I held her head down and she sucked me to an intense orgasm. Then she taught her next class with the taste of my sweet juices still lingering on her mouth. 

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