Just Innocent Flirty Fun!

Dad’s friend, Josh, came by to watch the Superbowl. I love hanging out with the guys. Especially when they are watching sports and there is so much testosterone in the room. I was shocked at how fucking hot Josh was. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Honestly, he looked like my brother and my mind flashed back to the hot brotherly love we had. So, I flirted with him from across the room while my Dad was distracted by the game. I ran my tongue over my lips while we locked eyes and I casually traced my finger up my bare thigh all the up to the hem of my short skirt. It was so fun watching him squirm. I knew he was nervous about my innocent flirty fun in the same room as my dad. But, at the same time, he couldn’t help but watch me.

Half-Time Fireworks

I actually thought it was really hot to flirt with my dad in the same room. It felt so naughty and I love being bad! After all, it’s just innocent flirty fun. But, then a perfect opportunity came up at half-time. My dad had to make a business call, so he locked himself in his home office. Josh and I were all alone. He actually looked a little nervous. I loved it. I wanted to take my innocent flirty fun to a whole new level. There was definitely a spark between me and Josh. But, what I really wanted was to make some fireworks of our own. 

I casually went over to sit on Josh’s lap and put my arm around his neck. My short skirt rode up as I placed my ass on him. I was wearing a lacy thong so my bare ass cheeks were right up against his crotch. He was so shocked by my forwardness he was speechless. We had obviously crossed the line just beyond innocent flirty fun and he was really nervous. He kept looking back towards the hall, anticipating my dad coming in the room at any second. He knew my Dad would be furious if he caught his friend with his little girl. I loved the danger, of course!

The Explosion I Wanted

He half-heartedly tried to say we shouldn’t be doing this. But his hard cock poking into my ass told me he wanted more than some innocent flirty fun. I went in to kiss him deeply and he gave in and kissed me back hungrily. Meanwhile, I lined up my ass cleavage with his cock and started to grind him up and down, giving him a most intimate lap dance. I felt him growing harder between my ass cheeks so I went faster and faster. 

He started to moan and grip my tiny waist, guiding my ass on his cock for maximum pleasure. Then, finally, the explosion I wanted. Josh blew his load right in his pants! 

Just then we heard my dad coming down the hall. I rushed back to my seat across the room and Josh panicked. His load left a big wet stain on his pants. So, he spilled water on his pants to have a cover story. I couldn’t stop laughing! Luckily, my dad didn’t have a clue about our innocent flirty fun. 

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