This is how I was seduced by my sexy, dominant doctor

A few weeks ago, I had a cold that I just couldn’t shake. I tried making an appointment with my doctor, but with allergy season in full swing, it would be weeks before she could fit me in. To get a bit of relief and make sure that this wasn’t anything more than a lingering cold, I decided to roll the dice and make an appointment we a concierge doctor online. When I made the appointment, I never thought I would be seduced by my dominant confident doctor.

The morning of my appointment I woke up early to make myself somewhat presentable. After taking a shower I put on a fresh pair of boy shorts, a tank top, then laid on the sofa waiting for the doctor to arrive. When my doorbell rang a few minutes later I was expecting to see a kindly, elderly doctor. What I got instead was Dr. Mike; 6’3 of bronzed, handsome muscle in a fitted monogrammed shirt and scrubs.The last thing I ever thought to see today was a tall, handsome, doctor at my door making a house call.  I was hoping that I Dr. Mike didn’t notice the look of shock on my face as I invited him into my living room. I laid back on the sofa as Dr. Mike set up his gear.

Once Dr. Mike had everything set up, he sat next to me and asked what the problem was. As I explained my concern over my cold, I could feel Dr. Mike’s cold stethoscope going up my shirt to listen to my chest. I tried to keep calm and focus on dealing with my cold, but I couldn’t help be get turned on by feeling Dr. Mike’s hands on my body.

Dr. Mike picked up on my excitement and asked if he could give me a breast exam.

Before I could give an answer Dr. Mike lifted up my tank top and began to rub his palms over my nipples. Dr. Mike’s confidence and dominance is such a turn-on that I couldn’t help but arch my back and push my tits into his hands. Dr. Mike pinched and pulled on my hard nipples before lowering his head and running his tongue around my hard pink nipples.

With my tits in his mouth, Dr. Mike ran a hand down my torso and into my boy shorts. I tried to push his hand away. But, Dr. Mike was such a confident, dominant man that I let the seduction happen. Dr. Mike’s long thick fingers spread my pussy open with the precision of a surgeon. Soon, his nimble fingers were inside of me as his thumb massaged my clit. I gasped and moaned as my wetness covered Dr. Mike’s hand.

As he fingered fucked my pussy, Dr. Mike announced that to complete the exam he would need to take my internal temperature. Sliding his fingers out of my pussy, Dr. Mike stood up and pulled out his long, thick 8-inch cock. I sat up expecting to finally get a taste of Dr. Mike, but he had other plans. As I sat up, Dr. Mike turned me away from the cock I was craving and bent me over the arm of the sofa. He spread my ass cheeks and began tracing my asshole with his tongue.

Slowly, I started to grind my ass against Dr. Mike’s mouth.

When he was satisfied that my asshole was wet and ready, Dr. Mike slowly began to work his fat cock into my ass. As the head of Dr. Mike’s cock began to spread my asshole open I felt my body temperature drop as my body was wracked with chills. With long deep strokes, Dr. Mike slowly fucked my ass. I loved the way his cock stretched out my asshole. As he picked up speed I could feel him throbbing inside of me. As Dr. Mike fucked my ass I reached down between my legs and began to furiously rub my clit.

The combination of Dr. Mike in my ass and my fingers on my clit made me cum so hard, that my pussy juice squirted out all over my sofa and Dr. Mike’s balls. Dr. Mike grabbed me tight around the hips as he blew his hot load of cum into my asshole. Using one of his medical wipes, Dr. Mike cleaned the cum off my ass and my pussy and gave me permission to get dressed. He said that medically speaking, I was fine and I just needed rest and plenty of fluids to ride out the last of my cold. Then he packed up his gear and moved on to his next appointment. I never thought I would ever be in a position to be seduced by my doctor. But I could never resist being seduced by a dominant man.

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