I was a secretary at a notable company in the city and would often have to work long hours with my boss. I didn’t mind it because he was a handsome older gentleman, who’d I’d often fantasize about while at home and pleasuring myself. One day, after a successful deal had gone through, I was getting ready to go home when he called me into his office. We were the last ones in the building so I wondered what he wanted.
When I walked in, he had a bottle of champagne and said he wanted to celebrate the company’s most lucrative deal ever and congratulated me on helping make it happen. I readily agreed to stay and celebrate and that’s when he told me that he was getting a divorce and found the dating scene so tiresome. I just listened to him vent, but when he came to fill my glass up with some more champagne, I made my move and kissed him. He kissed back and before I knew it, we were making out on his desk. I could feel that he was ready to move on and so I pushed everything off of his desk and started to unbuckle his pants while he unbuttoned his shirt.

He was finally naked and I got on my knees and started to blow him. As I did, I grabbed his muscular ass and went to town on his hard dick, while he moaned in pleasured. I was still fully dressed and so I stopped and had him undress me. I told him how much I’ve been wanting to do this and he confessed the same thing, but never did anything because he was married. So now that he was divorced, he was up for anything.
When he said that, I reached around to his ass and told him if he’d ever had a finger stuck up there and he said no. That’s when I placed the tip of my finger in his ass and asked if he liked it. He smiled and so I went deeper and then decided to get a bit dirty and grabbed a nearby pen and placed a bit of it in. He moaned and I was so turned then made him turn around and stand with his hands on the desk for support while I started to lick his ass and use my finger to penetrate his anus.
After doing that for a while, I was ready to fuck and sat on the desk while he rammed the shit out of my wet pussy. I told him how I liked it rough and hard and he made sure to bring his A-game and fucked me the hardest I’ve ever been rammed. Since we were on the 65th floor of the building and his office had an amazing view, I told him to fuck me from behind while I leaned against the glass window. It was the most amazing sight I’ve ever scene, mainly because I was getting fucked while starring down at the beautiful city.
We finally ended things with me straddling him on his big executive chair while he sucked on my breasts as I gyrated on top of him. It was the best sex I’d had in a while and since I was really into him, it felt 100% better than any one-night stand I had in the last few months.
After that, I didn’t mind working late and looked forward to being called in for late meetings!

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