This was going to be a Big night for all of the Secret Society of the Cum Whores. We were all getting ready for the big night. Hair and Nails were being done for the party. Brazilian Waxes were a must, for all the ladies Cum Whores. Then Men were Off buying their matching Butt plug sets for the party. However, Depositing their Cum samples as well. Three Cum Samples were required from each couple. They needed to be fresh and frozen for the party. After all, This was the night that Cum would be flowing and Everyone there was Happy to receive it!

Arriving at The Secret Society of the Cum Whores Party

Everyone showed up in style at the party. However, no one knew it wouldn’t matter. At the front door as guest arrived they were escorted to a Room off the entrance. There you were asked to remove your clothing and put on a black see-through robe. Give your Cum donation for the party. Then you could enter. Walking in you were handed a shot glass full of cum. Drinking it as you moved throughout the room, It was laced with Ecstasy. Amping up the night to the right direction.

The Rules

We all knew how these parties worked. You came to the party wearing your Matching Butt Plugs as a couple. The men had Bracelets on their wrist of course in the color they have been provided. No was not to be said by the Cum whores. Then Any man wanting to do ANY sexual act she must perform. Once a Wife had taken a full load of cum she was given a bracelet of that mans color. Then Her Plug was used to hold the load inside of her man after man. If she got to full she was made to go to the room off the front door where the cum would be retrieved. Then she would continue to move on with the party.


New Members would be put on display in the Main Room. Be disrobed and on their knees. The Husband and Wife would be there to be used. By any Standing member of the club. Then All of their holes would be the clubs Cum dumpsters. The retrieved cum from the filled Cum Whores Wives they would drink throughout the night. They must show how much they Loved Cum to become members of the Secret Society of the Cum Whores.

The Room’s

Each room was set up differently. one room had a Doctors Table in it. Another had a sex swing in it, Nothing was spared. They even had a St. Andrew’s Cross in a room. Cum whore wives in every room being used. Then Cum waitress passed out Sex Toys and shots of Cum. Which was all used on the wives. Men were In line at the Doctors table ready to use Mis. Taylor. She already had three loads on in her Cum Whores cunt. He husband had just taken a shot glass full of Cum in dumped it on her face as Mr. Thompson Fucked her.

Taboo Phone Sex

The Players

Mrs. William was on the sex swing. One guy in her ass as another pushed his cock in her Cum Whore Pussy. Her husband was nowhere around. However, I think I saw him down By the Main room using the Male New Members ass. The Members of the Club love uses the Male want-a-be’s Asses. While letting their wives Cum Whores Pussy go with nothing. Laughing at them telling them the only way they will know what their wives will be in for is taking it themselves.

Older Members

Mr. Smith was fucking Mrs. Smith as One of the waiters was fucking her mouth. Getting Fuck was Mr. Rogers by one of the older members. While Ms, Rogers was Licking his ass. Then when The Older Member went to Cum. Then The Cum Slut opened her mouth and Took his Cock Ass to Mouth and swallowed his load. Older Members had Priority and Mostly aloud to take whoever and Whenever. They were given certain respect that No one denied.

Ten different couples there were being used over and over again. Fifteen to twenty Bracelets would be on every wives wrist. They would also usually need help being carried to the cars the next morning. weak in the knees Cum Dripping from their slut holes that got used all night. Then Each Wife was happy to be the Little Cum Whores they were driven to be. Only the True Cum Whores would receive the Number to the Phone Sex Line to give them the location to the next party. Of Course, everyone wanted that invite back. Who wouldn’t want to be a true Cum Whore? Like this Story then Give your Favorite PSK Girl Brittany for more Dirty Stories.