Secret Sex Fetish

Not many people know about my deepest darkest desires. My secret sex fetish. It may not be super uncommon but still its something that turns me on like crazy.

When I was young I would watch porn like crazy. I would click around playing with my pussy till I found things that really turned me on. I would sometimes test to see what would make me the wettest. Always had a Daddy fetish but I was never too sure why. That was until I stumbled on a slightly different kind of porn. I was about to discover my secret sex fetish. 

It started out with a super hot young teen. She was dressed in a super cute jean skirt and pink tank top. She was sitting on the couch and a man walked in. He was a lot older than normal men in porn. He was actually very old. Also, he looked like her grandfather. I was actually getting turned on by the idea so I pushed my dildo deep in my pussy and went at it. I came hard and quick.

It went on like this for a while. Just watching the porn and getting off better than I have ever gotten off. So, I figured my next step was to just get it out of my system. Then I could go back to normal porn, and sex with guys closer to my age. At the time I did not know too many older men. So I decided to pick out my oldest teacher and give it a try. After watching all of that porn, I was finally ready to try out my secret sex fetish.

I waited till after class after everyone left. This teacher was really old. He had grandkids older than me. I read up on it a little and found out that when men get older they have an extremely high sex drive. So of course I put on the charm. I wanted to explore my secret sex fetish. I flirted with him and touched him. At first it was just random flirty places but then I got a bit braver. I started to caress his leg. I could tell from his dress pants that he was already getting a boner.

So I got up, locked the classroom door and got on my knees. He tried to resist me but not for long. As soon as I was able to wrap my sweet pink lips around his dick he gave in. Mmm, did he give in. I think I almost gave him a heart attack when I bent over, pulled down my panties, and showed him my tight little pink pussy. He immediately stuck his fingers in it, getting his fingers covered in my juices. Then licking them clean. 

His dick was so hard, and huge I may add. He teased the outside of my pussy with his dick. Rubbing it all over my clit. I started to moan and beg for his dick.

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