Our family is definitely unique. And, we are happy being that way. When our kids are going off to college, they have more experience than the other kids. It is our kids teaching the other kids all about sex. Except in this case with our son and his roommate. They are both naive in their adventures into secret panty boy games.

Maybe Jackson has always been into panties and I have just been ignoring it. Or not noticing. God knows I have way too much lingerie to miss things disappearing. Chances are he is stealing things from a younger age to play with them and I am not noticing.

Additionally, I wouldn’t care if he wants them. We are a freaky family that is living the incest lifestyle. What difference is a panty boy in our clan? Hahaha…we embrace and love him the same as everyone else.

Hell, I am sure the rest of the family would have loved some secret panty boy games with him.

Either way, he is in college now, and rooming with Lance. Lance is a bit shy. Our son is a popular kid that plays sports and is extremely outgoing. Maybe that is why they are rooming them together. Furthermore, by the end of the year, Lance will no longer be a wallflower.

Jackson tends to befriend guys like Lance to bring them out of their shells. He has been that way his whole life. It is one of his greatest attributes in my opinion. Of course, I am a proud mom.

As the year is starting, Jackson is introducing Lance to alcohol. Lance is lightweight and openly shares his freaky fantasies with our son. Of course, in return, our son shares some of our family histories with Lance so he doesn’t feel alone in his fantasies.

Kindred spirits are immediately born in these two.

I guess Lance doesn’t have much of a family and Jackson is always bringing him home for holidays. The more the merrier for me. Of course, little do I know they are stealing Jackson’s sister’s panties for their secret panty boy games.

The boys put on her t-shirts and panties, hanging out together in Jackson’s room. While they are in there, they pretend they are being held up and tied together facing each other. Of course, their dicks get hard and the assailants make them rub against each other.

The boys do these games in different ways each time. On one occasion, I have a guest over and the boys sneak downstairs to spy on us in the living room. Of course, I believe everyone to be asleep so we are getting naughty.

I am down on my knees sucking his huge dick. 

The boys are in their secret panty boy games attire and jerk off watching me give my guest a blow job. Little do they know, I heard the stair creak and see them watching me. I am making it a good show, with each of them cumming in Jackson’s sister’s panties.

The other day, I ran into Lance at the hotel bar. He and I start talking and I ask him if he still likes to wear panties. He blushes and asks how I know. I explain that I saw them that night and loved that they were watching.

His dick is growing hard immediately and I can see the outline in his pants. Therefore, I invite him up to my room for a drink. Of course, he doesn’t know that I am now providing GILF Phone Sex and get to have fun with guys like him all the time.

We head up to the room and I have an amazing surprise for him.

As we get into my suite a friend is waiting. Of course, he looks and is an ex-con. I can see Lance getting excited. I introduce them, as my friend commands Lance to show us his panties. Lance drops his pants and down to his knees in front of my friend. Of course, as my friend brings out his huge dick, Lance is looking at me with gratitude and starts sucking that big dick.

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