I must say, I have a weakness for panty boys and sissies. It has always been this way. And lately, it is even more so the case. My grandson is a full-blow sissy and panty-boy. He and I love shopping together. Of course, he is my favorite mani/pedi partner too. Furthermore, he is just one of the many that have experience with my GILF Panty-Boy Fun!

Every sissy and panty-boy is welcome to play. There isn’t anyone I don’t love talking to. I am happy to provide my GILF Sissy Training as well. So many men and younger men have come through my doors learning how to be a proper sissy. Of course, my grandson is also well versed as a sissy that loves cock. He has always been my sweet boy.

The first stage is my GILF Panty-Boy Fun.

Not all men become sissies. Some just love the feel of panties and being with a sexy woman while they have them on. Additionally, they get off on that woman controlling and ruling over them. A lot of my panty-boys let me tie them up and tease them with my sexy body and toys. Of course, I am open to any fantasy you want to bring me during my Mature Phone Sex.

Whether you are into incest, cuckold, ADBL, or some other fantasies. I am ready to play any one of them with you! All of the fetishes get my pussy wet when I am on a call. It is the fun of you getting turned on with me. Additionally, playing with the guys and their panty fetish is too much fun!

Maybe that is why I love GILF panty-boy fun so much. When I get a new panty-boy that is nervous and excited at the same time, my pussy is dripping with excitement for us both. Guiding him on his new journey and showing him how good it can be is exciting.

Additionally, when I get a panty-boy ready to take it to the next level, it is so hot!

Putting him in my sexy lingerie and taking it to the next level is a true thrill. If he is ready for more, I am happy to bring out my toys. As I am dominating him, he is becoming my sweet little bitch. I love sliding my hands all over his body. Of course, running my hand over his ass in those satin panties is fun.

Then, using a toy of his choosing on his man pussy ramps up our fun. He may be shy and only ready for a butt plug. Or, he may be ready for me and my strapon. That is a real treat for me during our GILF panty-boy fun. Being able to get him dolled up in lingerie, then, laying him on his back for my penetration is hot!

It is a sure way to make this diva cum hard!

My nickname is Freaky for a reason! I love all things kinky and wild. Men that are willing to let me penetrate them are the best playmates. Additionally, a panty-boy taking it to the next level is a pure blast for me! When they come to me and say they are ready for real men to fuck them, I am winning the lottery!

What about you? Which panty-boy are you? Call me and tell me all about it!