My grandson is a fantastic boy. He is gorgeous and brilliant. The only thing about him that is different is he is a girl in a boy’s body. I have known for a long time. He and I love our shopping excursions. We get manicures and pedicures. Of course, he is into beautiful clothes and lingerie, just like Granny. I think it is time for my GILF Sissy Training.

Additionally, he will be in training to know how to please men. He is curious about having sex with guys. So far, he has been playing with his father and cousins some but he needs proper sexual education from his granny. We are an incest family and have been for generations. I have so many amazing GILF Incest Memories. Having so much naughty fun with my family.

Now, here I am a grandmother providing GILF Sissy Training for my grandson.

When Alexander was born he was gorgeous. Now, he is a diva. His hands are slender with long, sexy fingers. He has a very feminine face with big pouty lips and his body is also long and lean. If you were to see him walking in front of you, you would think he is a young lady. It happens all the time and he loves it. He isn’t offended because he enjoys being thought of as a pretty girl.

That is why I know it is time for my GILF sissy training. I have been teaching him how to dress like a lady his whole young life, now I want to teach him how to “be” a lady. When I bring him out to meet my special friends, they will want to see a sissy boy. They like to see he is still a boy but with all the feminine qualities added in.

My special friends want him to have a cock but not use it.

This is a huge turn-on for them. Of course, for me too! Seeing my sexy grandson pleasing my friends with his amazing sissy skills is hot. Knowing my GILF sissy training is what is making this moment perfect is fantastic. He will only be Alex when he is in full sissy mode. My pretty boy all dolled up and ready to party like a big girl. My friends will come from all over to play with him.

Of course, the experiences will add to my GILF Accomplice Phone Sex sessions. Just like incest, I am living these real-life experiences and can give my callers the best experiences and role-plays around. If they want to know what it is like, I can give it to them. Additionally, I am up for any other fun fantasies my callers bring. I don’t have any limits, so we can do whatever you want!

Pretty awesome, right?!

We have only been doing our GILF sissy training for a short time but we have guests tonight. Two of my special friends are coming over to play. Alex is giddy with excitement. My friends know it is a trial run and that Alex is still learning. Once they are sitting in my living room, Alex strolls out wearing a gorgeous blue blouse and short skirt. He has on thigh high stockings and high heels.

As he comes in, he goes over and sits down between them. I can see by the looks on their faces they are loving his look. They start chatting as I sit across from them. The gentlemen can’t resist running their hands up Alex’s gorgeous thighs. He is giggling and be flirtatious with them. One the men lean in and kiss Alex, moaning from pleasure at Alex’s skills.

Oh, this is going better than expected.

The other gentleman wants his kiss now and is not disappointed. Hands are roaming and exploring as I suggest we move to my bedroom for the rest of our fun. Our guests are practically tripping over each other to relocate. Once we are in the bedroom, Alex starts slowly undressing the men. Using his new skills he does it with a sexy touch. These men are ready to bust and we haven’t even started yet.

When they are fully undressed, Alex takes their cocks in his hands to start stroking them. He is still dressed. Both men are moaning and begging him to let them see his lingerie. Is your dick hard yet? Do you want to know how it went? If so, you have to call me to hear the rest!

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